Adam Levine Throws Shade at Republic Records During 'Voice' Finale Press Conference

On Monday’s final four showdown on The Voice, Pharrell Williams expressed concern about future Season 9 winner Jordan Smith’s post-show career, hoping that the evangelical, atypical pop singer would be promoted in a “proper way” and even suggesting he “go to a label that really understands… You know, not becoming something else, not chart-chasing, just being Jordan Smith.”

Williams’s comments echoed disgruntled remarks that Smith’s own coach, Adam Levine, recently made to Howard Stern about The Voice’s affiliated label, Republic Records, mismanaging the show’s contestants. And interestingly, during a post-finale press conference alongside Smith on Tuesday night, Levine let it rip once again, boldly begging – or maybe warning – Republic not to bungle Jordan’s future.

"There have been shortcomings on the other side of this fence, and that’s not shocking or surprising, it’s just true,” Levine began. “Jordan has had more success on iTunes than most artists ever have… This is a no-brainer, and this kid is so special. Musically, talent-wise, spiritually, on a human level, on every level, this guy deserves the most success imaginable.

"It’s great because we bring everybody to this beautiful point where there are cameras rolling and everybody wants to know this guy and everyone wants to hear more music from this guy. So the baton has been passed to the record label, and hopefully, they will do right by Jordan Smith.

Right, Republic Records?“ Levine concluded snarkily/frustratedly. "You will do right by Jordan Smith. And that’s all I have to say about that.”

Later in the press conference, when Smith expressed his desire to release new music as soon as possible, Levine emphasized, “As soon as possible, Universal Records. As soon as possible. Thank you.”

Unlike the past couple of Voice cycles, this season none of the top four contestants, including Smith, got to do an original single or music video. (The originals round was replaced with Christmas songs on Monday’s part 1 finale.) However, this week Smith did make Voice and chart history by ranking at #1, #3, and #5 on iTunes, thus becoming the first Voice contestant ever to make the iTunes top 10 for every live show of the season.

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