Adam Levine Apologizes for Maroon 5's 'Unprofessional' Concert in Chile: 'I Struggled a Lot'

Adam Levine is apologizing for what he calls was “unprofessional” behavior during a recent Maroon 5 concert.

The “Moves Like Jagger” singer, 40, spoke out on his Instagram Story about his band’s performance at Chile’s Viña del Mar International Song Festival after the Thursday night show was highly criticized by fans.

In the clip, posted on Friday, Levine addressed some of the “reactions” to the show, explaining to his followers that he was not performing his best that night due to some “technical problems.”

“To be totally frank, there were some things holding me back sonically last night, and I let them get to me,” he said. “It impacted how I was behaving onstage, which is unprofessional and I apologize for that.”

Adam Levine | Adam Levine/Instagram
Adam Levine | Adam Levine/Instagram

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Describing how he “wanted to sound good” for the audience, Levine continued, “I struggled a lot and sometimes it’s really hard for me to mask the struggle. For that, I let you guys down and I apologize.”

“Last night wasn’t our best and, for that, all I can say is that I’m really sorry,” he added.

Nicknamed “El Monstruo” (The Monster) because of the audience’s tendency to boo acts off the stage, the Viña del Mar International Song Festival is one of Latin America’s oldest and most prestigious music events. The televised festival features singing competitions, as well as musical performances from international artists.

On Thursday, Maroon 5 arrived late on stage, causing TV presenters María Luisa Godoy and Martín Cáracamo to “fill in for minutes that became eternal for those present,” local outlet CHV news reported.

Adam Levine during Viña del Mar International Song Festival | AVIER TORRES/Getty Images
Adam Levine during Viña del Mar International Song Festival | AVIER TORRES/Getty Images

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When the band began their performance and the crowd sang along to “She Will Be Loved,” Levine quipped to the audience, “Well, if you want to do my job, go ahead,” CHV news reported.

Shortly after, in a behind-the-scenes video that was shot as the frontman left the stage, Levine appears frustrated at the performance and can be heard saying, “That was a TV show. That was not a concert.”

Fans quickly expressed their displeasure on social media, calling out Levine and the rest of Maroon 5 for a “lousy” concert.

“Adam sounds awful and he doesn’t have the moves like Jagger at all,” one tweeted. “We are wondering what happened to him.”

Another wrote, “lousy show in Viña del Mar guys.. haven’t seen such unprofessionalism in a good while. You should ask your fans for forgiveness… there are no excuses for doing such a poor job.”

“Love your music but your show in Viña del Mar was disrespectful to every fan who paid and waited to see you live,” a third wrote on Twitter. “Very frustrating.”