According to TikTok, Thursday Nights Should Be Reserved for "Beauty Chores"

Let's face it, we all want to indulge in the "soft life," high-maintenance fantasy when it comes to our skincare and body care routines. It's simply not realistic for the everyday, working girlie. However, TikTok has a solution to that: Thursday night beauty chores.

Amassing over 15 million views, the concept is to the point: All big beauty chores are saved for Thursday night in one take. Thursday is an excellent day to partake in this trend as you'll be prepped and ready for the weekend and able to focus on the rest of your personal grooming commitments and other life responsibilities — maybe even through in a detox face mask for an extra razzle-dazzle. TikToker Alexa Timmermann exclaims in a video that she likes to "gatekeep" her Thursday nights for "everything showers," even doing so in the moment of making the viral video.

As life has picked up at a fast pace for most working individuals, the idea of the trend is to take back ownership of time to look after one's self. This is something we can all get behind. Catch more of the breakdown clip of how to own your Thursday evenings ahead.

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