Aaron Rodgers Talks Participating in 3-Night Ayahuasca Event and His Love of Washing Dishes: It's 'Meditative'

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers


Aaron Rodgers says he's experienced a "deeper love" of himself while using ayahuasca, a psychedelic drink he has touted over the last year.

In the January/February issue of Men's Health, the Green Bay Packers quarterback revealed he participated in a three-night ceremony earlier this year that saw him drink the tea while under the guidance of a shaman.

"There's a lot of trust. And surrender, I think, is another good word," Rodgers told the magazine. "You have to surrender to the master plant teacher that is ayahuasca, and there's naturally some fear around that. And when you do, some pretty incredible things can happen, as was evidenced by night two of my most recent journey."

He continued: "Night one, I was still a little resistant, and night two, I fully surrendered to the process and to the master teacher, and she was benevolent in her lessons. There's a lot of overall happiness that exists when you have a deeper love for yourself. It actually allows you, I feel, to give and receive love better and interact with people with less judgment and less projection. So that's one thing I've really been working on."

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The 39-year-old has previously talked about his use of ayahuasca, most notably on The Pat McAfee Show, where he recently said that the drug helped him overcome a "major fear of death."

Aaron Rodgers Talks About Participating in 3-Night Ayahuasca Ceremony, and Why He Loves Washing Dishes
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While Rodgers has said that he believes "ayahuasca is not a drug," the Alcohol and Drug Foundation lists it as a "plant-based psychedelic" that can affect a person's thinking, sense of time, and emotions. Ayahuasca contains the active ingredient N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), which is a banned Schedule I drug, according to Double Blind.

During his interview with Men's Health, Rodgers also revealed that one of his favorite activities off the field is washing dishes.

"I think meditation can get skewed at times, like you have to go in some sort of trance and start om-ing or whatever, but I feel like I can go into a meditative space doing the dishes," he explained. "I can also get it with an instrumental soundtrack going on, just sitting on my couch in the sunroom, without my phone on, just my eyes closed."

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"Then I can also go into it, you know, practicing some Transcendental Meditation," he continued. "It's really just about how I can calm my mind, so it's not racing. It's natural to have 50,000-plus different thoughts that go through your mind on a daily basis, but how can you learn to quiet that a little bit and settle into the calm and ease of the day, so you're just a little less stressed, a little more present, and a little more available to your teammates?"

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Rodgers — whose Packers are currently 6-8 in the NFC North — told Men's Health that he is now relying on his mind more than his physical talents during games.

"My mind is a weapon now," he explained. "I don't run as well as I used to, or as frequently. And I can still move around, get outta some things. But I definitely win the game more now with my mind."

Rodgers and the Packers will face the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. Miami has an 8-6 record.