Aaron Rodgers's funny reaction to 'Jeopardy!' contestants failing to answer Packers question

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers earned more laughs Tuesday as he continued his Jeopardy! guest-hosting gig. Just two clues into the game, the three-time NFL MVP was faced with the reality that none of the contestants knew much about the team he has played with for 16 seasons.

The second clue of the night was a $400 one, under the category of Title Waves. “In the 1960s these midwesterners earned 5 NFL Championship trophies,” Rodgers read. Unfortunately, none of the contestants even attempted the correct response.

An exasperated Rodgers replied, “Green Bay Packers!”

Viewers were equally as stunned as Rodgers, with several taking to Twitter. Some even thought Rodgers’s reaction was reminiscent of beloved former host Alex Trebek.

Jeopardy! executive producer Mike Richards was very impressed with Rodgers work. He believes there may even be an opportunity for the QB to find a second career as a game-show host.

Unfortunately, Rodgers time as a fill-in comes to a close on Friday and he’ll have to get back to his regular job as a football player and cheese-hat maker.

Jeopardy! is a syndicated program; visit Jeopardy.com or check your local listings for the TV schedule.

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