Aaron Carter Goes on Twitter Rampage After a Flight Attendant Allegedly Body Shamed Him

Aaron Carter went off on American Airlines after he claimed a flight attendant body shamed him on a flight into Los Angeles ... on top of losing a bag with $11,000 worth of merchandise.

Carter was flying back from Chicago when he began to voice his displeasure over what he claims he happened to him on his flight.

[Carter deleted all of the tweets chronicled below shortly after this article was posted.]

"I literally just saw a flight attendant across from me making fun of me and body shaming me on my flight 1384 @AmericanAir," he began. "I’ve literally had enough you guys are putting me through the ringer and now this!? A FLIGHT ATTENDANT! You guys lost my bag with 11k worth of merch & this!?"

Carter then threatened legal action, writing, "I’m f--king livid. Flight aa1384@AmericanAir why is an airline I’ve spent millions of dollars over the course of 23 years treating me like this and scoffing at me!? @AmericanAir you have 24 hours to resolve the issue of my bag and I am highly considering a law suit now over this."

He went into more detail about the bag, explaining, "They lost my bag with all my clothes designer clothing’s 100 merch items that go for 50$ a piece two pair of yeezy worth 2,000 EACH AND MY CUSTUM JACKET AND 1,000 at least of toiletries and my dolce Gabbana suit. Thank you much @AmericanAir you need to resolve this NOW TODAY."

After a fan told him to "fly private and stop whining," Carter responded, "I’m not gonna stop flying @AmericanAir over this. I’m just going to have faith they will resolve both issues. And most importantly their employee and my lost items that I spent MY OWN MONEY ON 11k + easy in my bag gone."

American Airlines eventually tweeted back at Carter and he said he DMed them his phone number ... but is still waiting for his call back.