Aaron Carter Goes Public With New Girlfriend, Fans Aren't Impressed

Aaron Carter's got a new lady just four months after he broke up with his ex and he proudly showed her off for the first time over the weekend. While he seems thrilled about his new romance with model Melanie Martin, his fans aren't and they shared their distaste for his new blonde-haired babe immediately after he went public with their relationship. Taking to social media on Saturday, the "Hard To LøVë" singer posted a video showing them off-roading together in the desert and fans are questioning how long their new love will last.

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Attacking Her Looks:

Many are slamming Melanie's looks, calling the bombshell "plastic." One fan commented on the video by writing, "Nice? Who? Plastic girl? Ah ok." Another person stated, "She has a great body but she looks 50 in the face." A third fan responded to the video saying, "She looks like a constipated lion with all that plastic surgery. 😂 I mean, can she even move her face?" Others are insinuating she might be a prostitute. "How much you paying her?" asked one person. "How much was she?" questioned another.

First Kissing Selfie:

On Sunday, Aaron Carter proved his love will outlast the haters by sharing another post with Melanie. This time, they appeared to be in a bedroom and her lips are sweetly kissing his cheek as he snapped a mirror selfie. Wearing a gray two-piece lounge outfit, his new girlfriend's voluptuous booty is on full display. Aaron Carter's caption made it seem he's all-in with Melanie. "She loves me she loves me not, she woke me up from napping but I'm not complaining," he wrote.

Mental Health Concerns:

"Yeah this relationship Is not gonna last long like the other one," one person commented on the photo. "It’s all fake 🤷🏽‍♀️ wow that’s sad," added another. "Are we meant to believe this isn’t a paid transaction my guy?" wrote a third. Someone else compared her to his ex. "Yep looks just like the last girl you dated who just used you.... shame on you learn from your mistakes seriously," scolded the fan. Aaron Carter is used to getting heat on social media. Most recently, he was labeled "racist" after sharing a video faking an Asian accent while ordering Chinese food. Fans are worried about the singer's mental state following a string of strange behavior including getting a giant tattoo of Medusa on his face, as well as publicly accusing his Backstreet Boy brother, Nick Carter, of abuse and sexual assault.