90 Day's Yohan Seemingly Ends Marriage to Daniele: 'I Don't Have the Same Love for Her Anymore'

The admission came after cast member Debbie told Daniele it was "insulting" to bring her "fun bunny" ex Taylen into her marriage with Yohan


Yohan Geronimo firmly stated during 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way's final tell-all episode of the season that he's done with Daniele Gates.

The Dominican man seemingly ended his marriage to his American wife, Daniele, during Sunday night's episode. Though they entered the segment still married, Yohan rated their relationship a "zero" out of 10 — and admitted there may be no coming back from that.

"I'm with Daniele until our lease is up," Yohan said in Spanish. "When our lease is up, she goes her way and I go mine."

The 90 Day co-stars urged Yohan to rethink — and for once, believed the relationship could be salvaged. But he said, "I don't want to be with Daniele anymore. I don't have the same love for her anymore."

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Yohan Geronimo/Instagram
Yohan Geronimo/Instagram

Daniele was in tears over Yohan’s blunt admission, though she said: "The fact that he saw Taylen walk in this room is why he’s responding this way."

Yohan doubled town concluding, "On my mother, I'm serious."

Daniele's ex Taylen visited the tell-all earlier in the episode. Yohan previously had a huge problem with Daniele meeting her most recent ex in the Dominican Republic, even though she swore there were no lingering feelings between them.

At the tell-all, Yohan saw a clip from earlier in the season featuring Daniele airing the couple's dirty laundry out of frustration. With Daniele’s venting, Yohan seemed to have enough.

"She said a few ugly things about me," he said. "A few things that I never heard before. Some new things. Like, I am a little boy, or something like that. Is that how you talk about your husband to your lover? To your ex partner? 'My husband is not very open-minded' Making fun of me? This decision is going to cost you badly."

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Fellow cast member Debbie got involved in the conversation, too. She slammed the ”insulting” decision to bring a "fun bunny" ex into the marriage after Yohan had declined to meet him. Other 90 Day stars felt the same.

Isabel Posada said she would "absolutely not" allow such a situation with her partner Gabriel Paboga, who added, "It's kind of like a sacrifice. When you marry, you sacrifice some things."

Where this leaves Daniele and Yohan is uncertain. And while Yohan appears to be checked out of the marriage, Daniele wasn't so ready to let it go.

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Daniele, however, previously attempted to end the marriage in the season finale. But during the tell-all, she admitted sometimes she says things she doesn't really "mean."

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