90 Day 's Kim Is 'Done and Over' with Usman — but Doesn't Rule Out Remaining 'Friends with Benefits'

Kim _ Usman
Kim _ Usman


90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? star Kim Menzies may claim to be "done and over" with Usman "Sojaboy" Umar — but that doesn't necessarily mean she'll never have sex with him again.

During TLC's the first season 7 tell-all episode on Sunday, the couple gave host Shaun Robinson an update on latest development in their complicated on-and-off relationship, which ended "on a really sad note" in last week's episode.

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When asked if they were "still together as a couple," Kim, 52, took a long pause before saying, "No."

"No, period?" Robinson asked. "Done and over?"

"No. No, period," Kim affirmed. "Done and over."

Usman, 35, shrugged and agreed, "Yeah."

Kim clarified, "But we're friends, but we're cool ... I told him, we can just be friends with benefits, I'm good with that. I told him that." At this, Usman — who was attending the reunion virtually from his home in Nigeria — Umar covered his face to mask his laughter.

90 Day Fiancé Usman
90 Day Fiancé Usman


"I don't know, we don't really talk — I mean, we joke about it and everything," Kim continued, then added, "I just want to see him one last time."

Castmate Shaeeda Sween interjected Kim what would happen if Usman finds a wife.

"Bye," Kim replied. "I mean, I'm the one who let him go."

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This exchange came right after Usman got into a heated argument with fellow Nigerian Michael Ilesanmi when Usman called Michael's wife Angela Deem the "worst thing to have happened to Nigeria," prompting Michael — who was also attending the tell-all virtual — to rip out his earpiece and storm off.

Before that, Angela had come into the studio and immediately flipped off Usman, greeting him with a "f--- you, bitch." After getting into a fight with Yara Zaya, who called her "unrespectful," Angela walked off the reunion set.

"So now we've lost Michael and Angela," said Robinson.

"I have nothing to do with this," Kim told Angela.

Yara Zaya, Angela, Usman Umar
Yara Zaya, Angela, Usman Umar

Yara Zaya/Instagram; TLC; Usman Umar/Instagram

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The turbulence with their castmates came after a roller coaster of a season in which the couple struggled to secure the approval of Usman's mother, who insisted he find a second wife to provide him child (something much older Kim could not and would not do).

After they finally got their blessing and each proposed to one another, they encountered another hiccup when they learned a second marriage in Nigeria would jeopardize Usman's U.S. immigration prospects.

They abandoned the idea of multiple wives and Usman unexpectedly suggested adopting his brother's son — despite having not asked his brother for permission to relocate the child to America.

With that plan also out the window, the couple reached a breaking point, leading to their split in last week's episode, with one particularly fraught exchange ending when Kim left her engagement ring and stormed out.

"Kimberly does not understand the kind of sacrifices I'm making to be together in life," Usman said. "She is walking away all the time. Then later, she come[s] back and [says] 'sorry.' Things that I care about is who is that person that can give me peace, and I think we'll never have peace, me and Kimberly."

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