‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Gino Palazzolo’s Family Sides With Jasmine Pineda Amid Marital Issues

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Despite their former issues, 90 Day Fiancé star Gino Palazzolo’s family has his wife Jasmine Pineda’s back amid their marital problems.

In a teaser clip for the Sunday, June 2, episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? shared by Entertainment Tonight, Jasmine, 37, and Gino, 53, attended the Michigan native’s family reunion and fully displayed their relationship issues for all his relative’s judgment.

“Back in Panama, I used to be like a super independent person. For me it is also, to be so codependent of him, I feel like when I was a teenager,” Jasmine said to the group. “And whatever I wanted to do, I have to ask him, ask permission, to beg.”

Gino told Jasmine she needed to “have patience” because she just arrived in the United States and it was a “process.”

“Gino is an American citizen. And he’s not getting what it is for me to be here, new in this country and be very limited,” the Panama native said in a private confessional. “I was even an American literature teacher for 16 years and now I don’t even have a driver’s license … I’m at Gino’s mercy for everything.”

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The former automotive engineer claimed he did a great deal for Jasmine, listing that he drove her to the gym today and called it “a lot of work.” While Gino’s family hasn’t always gotten along with the mom of two, they surprisingly told Gino he was wrong.

“Taking her to the gym is not that big of a deal,” Gino’s sister clapped back, emphasizing that he wasn’t currently employed. “That’s what you stayed home for.” In a private confessional, Gino’s sister admitted she got “frustrated” with Gino for not listening to his wife’s pleas.

“He wanted to stay home from work but really, Gino wants to do Fantasy Football and do what Gino wants to do. So I think he’s not listening to what she’s saying,” she continued. “Because she’s telling him her problems with him but he’s either ignoring it or not doing anything about it.”

Jasmine and Gino’s argument over control in their relationship ignited during the May 26 episode. Jasmine accused Gino of deliberately neglecting to pay the registration fee for an upcoming beauty pageant. In response, Gino argued that it was "a lot of money" and reminded her that he had "left" his job when she moved to the United States.

90 Day Fiance’s Gino's Family Sides With Jasmine Amid Issues 1
90 Day Fiance’s Gino's Family Sides With Jasmine Amid Issues 1

However, Jasmine slammed his excuse and accused Gino of spending all his time “taking naps and being on the computer” to play fantasy football.

“I was expecting to marry a provider, not to be married to a jobless man,” Jasmine said in a confessional, adding that her husband previously said he’s “a little more comfortable to go back to work” now that she’s “getting on her feet” in America.

This led to a bigger conversation surrounding the relationship, where Jasmine felt like Gino was controlling her by managing their finances.

“It is very frustrating because I completely depend on him for everything,” she complained. “I cannot go anywhere without him because he’s the one who drives me. I rely on him financially. He hasn’t provided me, like, any credit card for basic stuff, so I cannot even buy tampons by myself.”