90 Day Fiance’s Sophie Recalls ‘Difficult’ Marriage to Rob Amid His ‘Disgusting’ Cheating Scandal

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90 Day Fiancé star Sophie Sierra recalled her difficult first few months of marriage to Rob Warne amid his cheating scandal.

While Sophie, 25, and Rob, 33, tied the knot in June 2023 and moved to Austin, Texas, it was revealed that they were having problems during the Sunday, March 17, episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? when she moved in with her friend Kay. After Sophie learned Rob had been cheating on her when she found shocking videos from another woman on his phone during their engagement, she discovered more videos during the latest episode.

"I know I probably look like a clown for forgiving him again, but at the same time, like, again, I think I'm just understanding it was never while I was here and we were married," Sophie told Entertainment Tonight in an interview published on March 17. "Anything he did was while we was apart from each other – long distance for years, you know, during COVID we were apart, you know, eight months or so – I'm not saying it excuses this behavior.”

Sophie then called Rob’s actions “disgusting,” though said she forgave him because she “wasn't ready to throw away [her] whole marriage over something that was done during long distance.”

“I've never caught him cheating in real life. It's always been text,” the U.K. native continued. “I guess he just needed me to be here."

The reality star then shared insight into how she and Rob were doing, admitting that their relationship wasn’t always easy. "To be in the situation that me and Rob are in, like, I guess it's not just like a regular marriage," she explained. "You've got the whole immigration process, me moving countries, him not being able to work. We have a lot of other strains, too .... outside opinions, and you know, especially people in my family. They don't like him, or whatever, and I think that it's been difficult.”

She said that marriage was “not really what [she] expected” and she had been more optimistic about what their lives would be like as newlyweds. "We thought, once we live together, everything's gonna be amazing and I guess we just thought issues would stop when we got married, but we just have some things,” Sophie said. “It's just been very wonky. I would describe it as a roller-coaster of a year."

90 Day Fiance's Sophie Recalls ‘Difficult’ Marriage to Rob Amid His ‘Disgusting’ Cheating Scandal
90 Day Fiance's Sophie Recalls ‘Difficult’ Marriage to Rob Amid His ‘Disgusting’ Cheating Scandal

Once Sophie moved in with Kay, Rob admitted during the episode that he was worried Sophie and Kay’s relationship was romantic. After noting that he and Sophie – who is bisexual – hadn’t been intimate in a while, he wondered if she would get “used to life without him.”

Sophie’s mom, Claire, later called Rob an “a--hole” amid their problems, though Sophie insisted she still loved him and hoped they could work through their issues. Rob seemed to be just as hopeful and had “enthusiasm” they would reconcile.

Fans can continue to watch Sophie and Rob’s relationship play out when 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? airs on TLC Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.