90 Day Fiance’s Nick Ham Has an Impressive Job: What Does He Do for a Living?

90 Day Fiancé star Nick Ham isn’t just a reality star, but also works a day job to pay the bills. Ever since he made his debut during season 10, fans are wondering what his job is and how he makes money.

What Is ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Nick Ham’s Job?

Nick – whose real name is Seungdo – worked as an electrical engineer in South Korea before he met his wife, Devin Hoofman. He called the profession his “day job” on the show, while he jokingly said that he is a “karaoke star by night.”

In addition to his job as an electrical engineer, Nick was also part of the South Korean military. He previously revealed that he joined the military after he was bullied in school, and he enlisted because he believed it would be a good way to see the world.

How Else Does ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Nick Ham Make Money?

Not only does Nick earn cash through his day jobs, but he also makes extra money by appearing on the TLC franchise. His exact salary hasn't been confirmed, though 90 Day Fiancé reportedly pays their cast members between $1,000 to $1,500 per episode.

While many reality stars have pursued work as influencers, Nick has not yet partnered with companies to promote their products on social media. He also doesn’t have an active profile on Cameo, which is a platform where public figures get paid to film videos for fans.

How Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Nick Ham and Devin Hoofman Meet?

Devin and Nick met on a dating app when they were both living in Australia. The pair dated for two years in Australia before Devin decided she wanted to move back to her native Arkansas to be with her family. Nick then applied for a K-1 visa so they could both move to the U.S. and pursue their relationship there.

“She wanted to go back, but I couldn’t imagine living in two different countries. So we got engaged and applied for the K-1 visa,” he explained during an October 2023 episode.

90 Day Fiance’s Nick Ham Has an Impressive Job: What Does He Do for a Living?
90 Day Fiance’s Nick Ham Has an Impressive Job: What Does He Do for a Living?

Despite wanting to be with Devin, Nick admitted he had concerns about moving to her hometown. “What I know [about Searcy] is there’s nothing. I’m kind of worried about it,” he continued. “There’s not much diversity there. There’s no Korean community, no Korean restaurant and store. Devin told me there are quite a lot of racists there. Yeah, it scares me. ‘Cause I’ve seen racism in the countryside in Australia.”

While the couple dealt with several issues, including their language barrier and cultural differences, they ultimately tied the knot in April 2023.