90 Day Fiance’s Manuel Velez Is a Father of 2 Teenage Kids: Meet the TLC Star’s Sons

90 Day Fiancé star Ashley Michelle is seemingly ready to start her life with her fiancé, Manuel Vélez, but she has yet to formally meet his two sons.

The Ecuador native moved from South America to Ashley’s hometown of Rochester, New York, but it’s clear Manuel’s kept secrets from his family as even his own mother was unaware of his overseas move.

How Old Are ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Manuel’s Sons?

Manuel has two sons; their ages are 12 and 14 years old.

Why Doesn’t 90 Day Fiance’s Manuel Want Ashley to Meet His Sons

Ashley found out that Manuel’s family knew nothing about her upon the dad of two’s arrival in the United States, immediately sparking red flags. The New York native admitted that Manuel was “more of a f--kboy than he is now” back then in his 20s and was worried he was keeping their relationship a secret.

“He’s still guarded with me about certain things. About family dynamics and all that,” she explained to a therapist during the November 19, 2023 episode of the franchise, admitting she felt like a “woman on the side.” “I haven’t met his children yet and we are getting married … Like, sometimes, I just don’t think he thinks about what the shoe looks on the other foot. Like, now, I’m this lady that his boys have no clue who I am. All they know is that I took their dad away.”

However, Manuel revealed the real reason why he hasn’t introduced Ashley to his children.

“There will be time,” he responded, adding the language barrier might be difficult. “She won’t be able to understand the kids, maybe. Or the kids might not understand her … In the sense, the way the kids talk, she may lose her patience or something like that and you can’t do that with kids.”

In a private confessional, the construction worker admitted Ashley could be “very intense at times” with a fast temper, comparing her to a matchstick.

“She lights up quickly,” he told the cameras. “You scratch her head and she fires up … I still have to protect their [his kids] well-being but I hope with time everything changes.”

Are ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Manuel’s Sons Still in Ecuador?

Manuel’s sons are still in Ecuador. The 90 Day Fiancé alum shared a tribute post dedicated to his young sons on January 1, 2023, writing in Spanish, “Always carrying them in the heart. I love you.”