'90 Day Fiancé' Star Larissa Dos Santos Lima Wants 'Fresh Start' After Colt Johnson Assault Case Comes To End

"90 Day Fiancé" star Larissa Dos Santos Lima is speaking out for the first time since her assault case with Colt Johnson has officially wrapped up. Taking to social media, in a since-deleted post, the season 6 standout addressed her excitement about starting fresh and putting the past behind her. Sharing a beautiful selfie, Larissa Dos Santos Lima started her message on Wednesday with a heartfelt quote. "Good Morning my loves! 'Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending,'" she wrote. "Today is very important day for me and anyone that follow my journey so far."


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Larissa Speaks Out

After months of community service and domestic violence classes, Larissa told fans, "My first case was dismissed, the second denied, and now after completing my classes and community service, I am ready for a fresh start." As The Blast reported, her assault case, which stems from a fight with then-husband Colt Johnson that landed Larissa behind bars, was set to wrap up at any moment because she finished all of her court requirements. "I feel like I'm awaken [sic] from a deep nightmare and the last string that keep me related to this sad past will be cut forever," she added.

Case Almost Wrapped Up

The Brazilian babe also revealed she learned a lot from her classes and she "cannot wait to bring awareness" to domestic violence, adding she hopes to become a lawyer. "My dream is become an attorney (in Brazil I did nurse college but I didn't finished [sic]) or at least activist for the immigrants specific who was arrested." Larissa went on to state that she completed "28 domestic violence classes" and spent 6 months "collecting histories and cases" which she will soon share. She hopes to "bring light for this delicate topic" and thanked her attorney for helping her through. Larissa Dos Santos Lima only had the post up for a few minutes before taking it down, maybe she was too abrupt in her delivery considering the court case has yet to be closed, although it should happen sometime today. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the TLC star recently submitted evidence showing she completed the court-ordered classes. The records also showed she has paid off her fines, completed her 48 hours of community service and has stayed out of trouble.

Life After Colt

The judge in her case had suspended her 90-day jail sentence, which meant if she didn't complete her court-ordered requirements she would risk being incarcerated for up to 6 months. Larissa Dos Santos Lima's case stems from the bloody fight she got into with Colt Johnson back in January. The day after her arrest, Colt rushed to court to file for divorce from Larissa. The former couple finally wrapped up their divorce agreement in April after arguing over spousal support. Larissa Dos Santos Lima quickly moved on from Colt and began dating Eric Nichols. The two broke up in September after less than one year of dating. After their relationship ended, Larissa filed a police report against Eric claiming he was harassing her. They have since made up, revealing they are friends again.