90 Day 's Angela Says She Doesn't 'Trust' Michael to Spend Time with Usman While Filming Tell-All

Angela and Michael, Usman
Angela and Michael, Usman

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The trust issues between Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi came to head on Sunday's 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? tell-all.

Host Shaun Robinson noted that it was raining where both Michael and Usman are located, Angela said, "I think they are in the same hotel" which they both coyly acknowledged.

When Robinson pressed Angela if she would trust the men hanging out together, she quickly responded: "No way."

Usman then stepped in and questioned, "How can somebody be my brother and then we can't see each other?"

"If I don't want him around you it makes sense because I'm f—ing him, you're not," she responded which left the rest of the cast shocked.

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Usman continued to defend himself and claimed that he "doesn't look for trouble." He added, "But, if you come for me for trouble, I wanna give it to you, you know?" he said.

Angela replied, "You can't because my husband will whip your a– if he wants to stay married."

The Georgia native admitted her concerns were founded because her marriage was in a "fragile" state. She added, "I don't trust no one around Michael. Everybody knows it."

However, Angela's lack of trust in Michael led to a confrontation between her and Usman.

"This woman is telling him to stay away from somebody," Usman said. "That doesn't sound ok to me."

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90 Day's Angela Cusses Out Michael's 'Goofball' Friends Who Tell Her to 'Calm Down'


"You like to talk too much, Usman. Please," she responded. "If we resolve our problems, Usman and Michael is done. That's it."

The tension between the pair came to head when Usman claimed Angela was never kind to him.

"Angela, I wanted you to understand something. Since the first day, you and I start seen [sic] each other I've never been hard on you," he said. "The first day we meet, when I say, 'Hi, Angela,' you tell me, 'Hey, scammer, shut up.' That's how it started. So you think I should let you talk to me like that? Both you and Michael are nothing to me. Rubbish! You're telling me don't hang out with Michael. Who the f—k is Michael?"

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During the commercial break, Angela told Michael that she was going to call him and informed him to "turn his mic off." Calling him from her dressing room, she said: "I'm just gonna tell you this. I'm not f—ing happy you're in a goddamn hotel with Usman."

He then defended himself to his wife, saying, "Listen, we're only in the same studio. The other side of the studio, that's where he is. But hotel is [a] different hotel."

But Angela was done with his lies. "Enough of the excuses. That's another thing, your excuses are sickening," she said. "Don't mistake your voice talking to me like I'm letting Usman do. Because you know what? Usman I don't give a s—. Don't talk to me that way."

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While backstage, Angela admitted she was "more at peace today not talking to him and that's scary," adding, "Something has got to give in this relationship because I'm tired of giving. Either divorce or he gets some help."

Michael then realized he must confront Usman about his feud with his wife.

"I know my wife, and she's going to be so mad and upset. I know. Angela can't stand Usman," he said before going to see Usman. "But, I just want peace today between us and I just need to straighten things out with Usman."

Angela was previously enraged to find Michael had been cheating on her with another woman after someone sent her the voice note. She continued to question her connection with Michael, and whether their marriage was worth all the pain.

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90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC and discovery+.