9 top new shows to stream this week on TV, Netflix, Hulu and more (April 29-May 5)

 Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds in Welcome to Wrexham.
Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds in Welcome to Wrexham.
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The turning of another calendar page brings more new shows premiering this week on Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services, as well as broadcast and cable TV.

This week's new TV lineup is stacked with both returning favorites and fresh series. "Hacks," "Welcome to Wrexham," "Selling the OC" and "Acapulco" all embark on their third seasons. Meanwhile, Elisabeth Moss headlines the spy thriller "The Veil" and the Tudor mystery drama "Shardlake" make their debuts. Here's our guide on the top new TV shows to check out this week.

‘The Veil’ (Hulu)

Elisabeth Moss ("Mad Men," "The Handmaid's Tale") brings her fearsome acting skills to another complex role, playing British intelligence agent Imogen Salter, the kind of superspy who plays by her own rules but always gets results. "Peaky Blinders" creator Steven Knight delivers his own take on familiar elements of the espionage drama, with a game of deception between Imogen and a French-Algerian woman (Yumna Marwan) who may be the dangerous leader of a breakaway ISIS faction. Imogen must determine the woman's true identity and motives in order to prevent a possible major terrorist attack, while also dealing with her own damaged past. - JB

Premieres Tuesday, April 30 at 12 a.m. ET on Hulu

‘My Next Guest With David Letterman and John Mulaney’ (Netflix)

David Letterman’s Emmy-nominated interview show “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” returns with a one-off special featuring John Mulaney. Filmed at the latter’s Chicago high school, the episode sees Letterman and Mulaney discussing fatherhood, addiction and stand-up comedy. This is the first “My Next Guest” since December 2022, when Letterman sat with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The special comes in advance of Mulaney’s six-episode live variety series, scheduled to air on Netflix later this week (see below). - KW

Premieres Tuesday, April 30 at 3 a.m. ET on Netflix

‘Acapulco’ season 3 (Apple TV Plus)

Eugenio Derbez’s bilingual, bi-time period comedy is back with more adventures for the older Maximo (Derbez) and his younger self (Enrique Arrizon). In the present day, Maximo finds himself revisiting a Las Colinas he no longer recognizes. In 1985, young Maximo continues to climb the ladder of success, though his accent threatens all of the relationships he’s worked so hard to build. For both, it’s time to reconcile past mistakes and undertake exciting new beginnings. - KW

Premieres Wednesday, May 1 at 12 a.m. ET on Apple TV Plus

‘Shardlake’ (Hulu)

This whodunnit adventure is based on the historical mystery novels by C. J. Sansom, set during the reign of Henry VIII in the 16th century. While monasteries are dissolved across the land, lawyer Matthew Shardlake (Arthur Hughes) is sent by Thomas Cromwell (Sean Bean) to investigate the murder of a commissioner at a priory in the remote town of Scarnsea. With Cromwell’s own political survival is at stake, Shardlake and his companion Jack Barak (Anthony Boyle) must solve the  murder and close the monastery — failure is not an option. - KW

Premieres Wednesday, May 1 at 12 a.m. ET on Hulu

‘Hacks’ season 3 (Max)

Veteran comedian Deborah Vance (Jean Smart) and up-and-coming comedy writer Ava Daniels (Hannah Einbinder) remain wary friends and collaborators in the third season of this comedy series, which brings them back to their Las Vegas meeting place, at least briefly, after a season spent on the road. Both are in new places in their careers, with Deborah experiencing a comeback thanks in part to material she developed with Ava, and Ava working to find a vehicle for her own original ideas. The chemistry between the two stars is the major appeal of "Hacks," though, so they'll certainly find a new reason to collaborate (and bicker) again. - JB

Premieres Thursday, May 2 at 3 a.m. ET on Max

‘A Man in Full’ (Netflix)

Ever since the premiere of "Big Little Lies" in 2017, veteran TV writer-producer David E. Kelley has been on an impressive comeback streak, reinventing himself as the writer of buzzy prestige miniseries after decades of working on familiar network TV procedural dramas. Kelley's latest project teams him with several other big names, as he adapts the novel by the late Tom Wolfe, with Jeff Daniels in the lead role. Regina King follows up her award-winning feature film "One Night in Miami" by directing three of the six episodes in this limited series about an Atlanta real estate tycoon (Daniels) facing a personal and professional crisis. Diane Lane, Lucy Liu and Bill Camp co-star. - JB

Premieres Thursday, May 2 at 3 a.m. ET on Netflix

‘Welcome to Wrexham’ season 3 (FX)

After 15 long and disappointing seasons in the National League, Wrexham AFC finally earned promotion back into the English Football League. But this is no time to rest on their laurels. The stakes have only gotten higher for the team, owners Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds, and the dedicated supporters. Yet, all of their hard work may unravel due to injuries and setbacks. Meanwhile, the women’s team is looking to dominate after an undefeated season that resulted in their own promotion. - KW

Premieres Thursday, May 2 at 10 p.m. ET on FX (via Sling or Fubo)
Episodes stream next day on

‘Selling the OC’ season 3 (Netflix)

There’s plenty of sun and shade in a fresh installment of the real estate reality series. The “Selling Sunset” spinoff returns with more listings and drama for the agents at the Oppenheim Group. The romance developing between Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland might blow up before it even really gets started. Sean Palmieri finds himself feuding with several of his colleagues. And new agent Alexandra Harper is also feeling the heat, but not in a good way as her ability to sell comes under question.  - KW

Premieres Friday, May 3 at 3 a.m. ET on Netflix

‘John Mulaney Presents: Everybody’s In L.A’ (Netflix)

The title of this six-episode live variety series from comedian John Mulaney isn't much of an exaggeration, since an impressive cavalcade of stars from the world of stand-up comedy will all be converging on Los Angeles for the 12-day Netflix Is a Joke festival. Mulaney will take advantage of that critical mass of funny people to put together a show that represents his own particular comedic sensibilities, which have been on display in multiple Netflix stand-up specials as well as in his kid-focused variety special "John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch." The specific format of the show is still under wraps, but expect sketches, interviews and other comedic set pieces from Mulaney and an all-star lineup of guests. - JB

Premieres Friday, May 3 at 10 p.m. ET on Netflix

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