9 Celebs Who Married Three Times Or More, And 9 Celebs Who Only Married Once

1.Four times: Jennifer Lopez

three slides of  j.lo with her different partners

2.One time: John Legend

closeup of him and chrissy teigen at an event

3.Five times: Nicolas Cage

five photographs of him with each partner

4.One time: Jessica Alba

closeup of her and cash dressed up for an event

5.Three times: Kim Kardashian

kim and kris humphries and kim and kanye

6.One time: Jesse Tyler Ferguson

closeup of the two in suits for an event

7.Three times: Tom Cruise

side by sides of him with each partner

8.One time: Beyoncé

her and jay z posing in the grass

9.Four (or five?) times: Pamela Anderson

her with three different partners

10.One time: Henry Golding

him and his wife on the red carpet

11.Three times: Eva Longoria

her with her 3 different partners

12.One time: Ellen DeGeneres

her and portia

13.Three times: Halle Berry

her with each partner

14.One time: Sarah Michelle Gellar

closeup of her and freddie at an event

15.Three times: Scarlett Johansson

her with each partner at events

16.One time: Rita Wilson

her and tom arriving to an event

17.Eight times (to seven women): Larry King

larry with 3 different partners

18.And finally, one time: Denzel Washington

him and his wife on the red carpet

Any other celebs who only married once or married many times? LMK in the comments below!