9 best moments from Blac Chyna's "Caresha Please" interview

Blac Chyna
Blac Chyna

Yung Miami is back with a new episode of “Caresha Please”! The rap superstar knows how to bring out all of the baddies, previously having the Diamond Princess, Trina, come through as a guest. In the newest episode, Blac Chyna pulled up and sat in the hot seat. Over two signature “Caresha Please” cocktails, the duo spilled all the tea, from life-changing journeys to what qualifies as tricking off on a man. 

Check out nine of the best moments from the newest installment of “Caresha Please” below. Plus, be sure to tune into the conversation here if you missed it!

1. Angela White vs. Blac Chyna

Change is always positive and Angela White, also known as Blac Chyna, has been embracing a new journey of self-identity. In recent weeks, the reality star took to Instagram to reintroduce herself by her birth name. Upon starting their conversation, Yung Miami asked if she prefers to be called Angela or Blac Chyna. “I’m going by Angela. Blac Chyna when I need to — when I’m doing work stuff,” she answered. 

Chyna then explained that embarking on her recent life-changing journey can’t be attributed to any specific event. “I just honestly started to pour into myself because for years, I’ve always poured into everybody else except for myself,” she answered. “And I always looked for validation from people and from… materialistic things… and it was just burying honestly, like, who I was. And now that I’m getting older, I’m trying to figure out who’s Angela.” 

When asked who Angela is, she responded, “A sweet person, a mother, you know, a businesswoman, very misunderstood, and just a really caring person.”

2. On documenting her surgery and filler removal

Along with publicly reclaiming her birth name, Blac Chyna also shared her surgical and filler removal journey with her followers. Speaking on the removal process, she revealed that it wasn’t pleasant, but it was worth the pain. 

“When I went to go remove the fillers in my face, it is a little bit painful. It just burns a little bit, but then it goes away. As far as the reduction on the breast, just super sore. Reduction in the buttocks, just super sore,” she explained. “But other than that I just wanted it out – like, I wanted it out so bad that I didn’t even really care about the pain.”

Miami complimented Chyna’s beauty, asking why she initially underwent surgery and got fillers. Chyna answered honestly: “Just being insecure and looking at what I thought was perfection, you know what I mean? Like, the chiseled-ness of things and all of that — when that’s not really even a thing. It was really just following something that I just made up in my head really.”

3. Blac Chyna is still interested in rapping

In addition to being an entrepreneur, model and socialite, Blac Chyna is also a rapper, previously collaborating with Trippie Redd, Asian Doll, Desiigner, and more. In June of last year, Chyna shared her single “Can’t See Me.”

Yung Miami asked if Chyna still has plans to pursue a rap career. While she’s not solely focused on music, the TV personality revealed she’s still interested in rapping and loves to show off her creativity in different forms. “I don’t want to wake up one day and be like, ‘Dang, why didn’t I, like, just try to do this and try to do that?’ Nah, I’m doing any and everything,” she said. “Like, why not? At least one time.”  

4. Mental health check!

Although “Caresha Please” is known for bringing the smoke to every guest, Yung Miami always makes sure to check in on their well-being above all. Miami asked about Chyna’s mental health. At that moment, Chyna rated herself at a seven.

“I’m still trying to figure out things as I go, but not really much ‘figuring out’ because I’m gonna let faith kind of guide me,” she explained. “It has me on edge because I gave up all the things that was making me money, you know what I mean, in a negative way. So it kind of makes you feel kind of nervous and kind of scared, but at the same time, I’m still, like, secure and grounded.”

Chyna then asked Miami about her mental health, to which she responded, “I feel like, you know, as a normal person, I have moments where I’m beating myself up. I’m in my head but as of now, I’m doing good. I’m great.” 

Chyna followed up with a gem of advice: “​Don’t let the entertainment industry change you and, like, just stay true to it. Stay true to your work [and] to your passion, and you will kill it for many of years. You know, it’s about longevity and especially, this is like your passion, you get what I’m saying? And always figuring out ways to reinvent yourself – that is like the most important part.”

5. On her relationship with her mother, Tokyo Toni

Continuing with their conversation, Yung Miami asked Blac Chyna about her mother, Tokyo Toni. While they have had a tumultuous relationship in the past, Toni recently revealed an “Angela” tattoo in honor of her daughter and shared a sweet video of them hugging each another after reuniting on Mother’s Day. Speaking on where she stands with her mom, Chyna revealed that they are still working through things. “I love my mom. Yeah, I think she’s like the most funniest person in America. You know what I mean? But I love her. I just feel like she’s just misunderstood, and we just don’t really see eye to eye right now, and hopefully one day we’ll see eye to eye but just right now, I don’t see it,” she said.

Miami followed up, asking how it makes her feel to see her mother being judged by people on the internet. “I mean, people gonna talk regardless. I don’t know… Maybe one day, she’ll just wake up and kind of see it,” Chyna explained. “Because sometimes, like when we do stuff, we don’t really see it because we’re living in it; but then, it’s like when it’s on the camera, you can really actually see yourself. So hopefully one day, she’ll wake up with a new set of eyes, and a different consciousness and kind of look at what she’s doing.”

6. On getting the COVID-19 vaccine

Back in October 2021, Blac Chyna was captured on video demanding travelers in a Miami airport get vaccinated. Referring to the incident, Yung Miami asked Blac Chyna if she got the COVID-19 vaccine. Chyna confirmed that she did, but explained that she was drinking when she landed in Miami. “I was lit on a plane. They was giving me alcohol on the plane,” Chyna answered. “When I came down… I was lit.” She also explained that the video was shot out of context, leaving out the fact that there were a few girls being disruptive on the plane. 

Chyna agreed with Yung Miami’s concerns on the outcomes of the vaccine, but mentioned that she got the shot anyway, so she could work. “They wouldn’t let me do nothing. I couldn’t travel, I couldn’t make money – I couldn’t do none of that. That’s that martial law s**t,” she remarked.

7. On her relationships with Tyga and Rob Kardashian

The conversation segued into Blac Chyna’s previous relationships with Tyga and Rob Kardashian. Reflecting on both, Yung Miami asked her what it was like dating Kardashian amidst the love triangle with her, Tyga, and Kylie Jenner. Chyna clarified that she didn’t date him to spite Tyga and Jenner: “It definitely wasn’t no ‘lick back’ type thing, like no. I don’t have the patience for that. It may look that way, but it wasn’t.”

She further explained that Kardashian slid in her DMs first. “Rob hit me up for a long time and I just kind of, like, felt bad for him or whatever – not bad, but I just wanted to see what was up [because] at first when he was hitting me up, I thought they was trying to set me up — because why is your brother hitting me up? That’s crazy to me,” Chyna revealed. 

While she remains cordial with Kardashian, she does not speak to Tyga. Talking about co-parenting with the latter, Chyna revealed that they do so through their nannies. Reflecting on her relationship with Tyga, she said she doesn’t know why they’re not friends. “We were young. King will be 11 this year, so it was super young, you know… It was fun. It was fun. It was new, like, he was just coming out with his music. I was really just hitting the scene,” the creative noted.

8. It ain’t tricking if you got it 

If you were curious, Blac Chyna is currently single! She recently stopped dating a certain someone, explaining to Yung Miami that she’s still friends with the person, but things didn’t work out. She also explained that she wants to work on herself first before dating anyone new: “Man, relationships are hard. I’m working on myself. I gotta figure me out first.”

Reflecting on her previous connections, Chyna shared her reasoning for why they didn’t work out, noting, “I feel like, for me, it was always like I never really got to know the person first. It was always head first – yeah, like, you like me. I like you. OK, we go together now.”

Chyna also hilariously revealed that she’s been a trick for her man in the past, calling it “fun,” causing them both to laugh. Yung Miami defined tricking as taking out a man and paying for his food, but she’s open to buying him a gift. Chyna agreed, responding, “Why would I pay for our food? No, but I’m gonna get you something really nice – depends on who you are and if you deserve it. It’s still tricking if you got it.”

9. This or That

During the conversation, Chyna and Yung Miami played a game of “This or That.” Miami asked Chyna a series of questions, kicking it off with whether the latter prefers rappers or athletes. Chyna chose athletes, explaining that there are no more rappers out there. When it comes to spitting or swallowing, Chyna paused before answering. “Well, depends on who it is,” she admitted. Between missionary and doggy style, Chyna prefers missionary, calling herself a “lover girl.” On the subject of whether or not she prefers a man to be bald or hairy, Chyna said, “Like trimmed, not bald. No, that’s too much. Clean, a manscape. Not no forest, now – f**k is in there?”

When asked by Miami what is the freakiest thing she’s ever done, Chyna laughed and jokingly responded, “I don’t know… you?” They both started laughing before Miami asked if she prefers “f**king” or making love, to which Chyna revealed she enjoys making love. However, not everyone deserves that. She noted, “Can’t make love to everybody. Hell no. You’ll have stalkers.”

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