'9-1-1' Star Peter Krause Teases How Bobby Will Move Forward in Season 8

911 season 8 release date cast news
What to Know About '9-1-1' Season 8Mike Taing - ABC
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9-1-1 aired the season 7 finale, and my oh my, was there a lot of drama.

Amid a season that included members of Bachelor Nation needing to be rescued, one character exploring his sexuality and two others finally tying the knot, the ABC drama left everyone nervous seeing Bobby Nash (Peter Krause) fall into a coma after collapsing while saving his wife Athena (Angela Bassett) from their house fire. While he eventually survived the danger, it left viewers wondering what's next for him... and the rest of those working in the 118.

While the show loves to throw fans a curve ball with every rescue mission, there's one thing 9-1-1 doesn't have to tease in terms of what's to come. Much to the delight of fans, 9-1-1 will be back for season 8, and it looks like a lot is officially in store for our favorite first responders.

Will there be a 9-1-1 season 8?

It's time to sound the fire alarms, because 9-1-1 will officially be back for season 8!

On April 2, fans of the ABC drama were ecstatic to learn that the network renewed 9-1-1 for another season just one year after it moved from FOX for season 7. To confirm the news, the show's social team posted a cast photo on Instagram, revealing that fans will have another season to catch up with the 118.

"🚨 Breaking news: 9-1-1 will be coming back to ABC for Season 8! Stream on Hulu," read the official caption.

The cast was equally excited about the opportunity to return for 9-1-1 season 8. The same day as the big announcement, Aisha Hinds (who portrays Henrietta "Hen" Wilson) went on Instagram to share a screenshot of the reveal from The Hollywood Reporter while also expressing her gratitude for another installment.

"Grateful for our new home at @abcnetwork, the inimitable crew that executes our show with excellence and makes it look easy (when it’s definitely not), the cast that swells my heart as we do life together, and for every single one of you who have supported along the way," she wrote. "Let’s keep cooking!!!!! @911onabc."

Kenneth Choi (who plays Howard "Chimney" Han) also voiced his excitement about returning to 9-1-1 for season 8, posting a photo of his cast mates all wearing their firefighting gear on set.

"One more trip around the sun with the 118 @911onabc @abcnetwork," he wrote on Instagram on April 8.

Who is in the 9-1-1 season 8 cast?

Based on the events from the 9-1-1 season 7 finale, here is who fans can expect to come back for season 8:

  • Peter Krause as Bobby Nash

  • Angela Bassett as Athena Grant Nash

  • Oliver Stark as Evan "Buck" Buckley"

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt as Maddie Buckley

  • Kenneth Choi as Howard "Chimney" Han

  • Ryan Guzman as Eddie Díaz

  • Aisha Hinds as Henrietta "Hen" Wilson

  • Corinne Massiah as May Grant

  • Marcanthonee Jon Reis as Harry Grant

One actor who may not be seen as new episodes of 9-1-1 season 8 air is Gavin McHugh, who stars on the show as Eddie's son Christopher. Fans remember Eddie sent his child to go live with his grandparents amid Christopher discovering Eddie cheating on Marisol.

When Ryan Guzman spoke to TVLine in May 2024 about how Christopher's absence will affect the show, he shared that it'll likely force Eddie to rethink his decisions as an adult raising his son.

"I know for sure that in the first episode [of Season 8], we likely won’t see Eddie and Christopher together," he told the outlet. "My hope is that Eddie has a good portion of time without Christopher, which would allow him the opportunity to find new structure, maybe rework who he is a little bit and find new textures of life for him."

911 season 8 release date cast news
Chris Willard - ABC

What will 9-1-1 season 8 be about?

While plot details about 9-1-1 season 8 are currently under wraps, some cast members are teasing what fans can expect from the upcoming installment.

When Peter Krause spoke to TV Guide in May 2024 about how Bobby will fare after ending up in the hospital at the end of season 7, he teased that his character's marriage to Athena will be slightly less drama-filled after everything that happened to them in season 7.

"[Creator] Tim [Minear] and I talked about, perhaps, Athena and Bobby being in an apartment or a hotel and being confined together again like on the cruise ship, perhaps, for a little while at the top of Season 8," he said to the outlet."Their relationship is deeper and stronger now, and I think we can withstand some comedy. I had also pitched to him that maybe they go on an RV trip together as a second chance at a honeymoon. So I don't know if that'll ever happen or not, but I mean, it's an RV trip. What could go wrong?"

911 season 8 release date cast news
Mike Taing - ABC

What's more, folks may see Bobby embrace some closure over guilt he felt from his past decisions, including how he deals with fires that put him (and others) in dangerous positions.

"I think that Bobby accepts that he can't erase the past, that it is something he'll carry with him, but with as much grace as possible and he can continue in his life of service as a firefighter, and as a good husband," Peter told Entertainment Weekly in May 2024 about his character's trajectory in season 8." I also think that Bobby might become a little bit more involved in the AA world, and being of service to people who are struggling with [sobriety]. I think that would be an interesting storyline."

How to watch and stream 9-1-1 season 8:

<p><a href="https://go.redirectingat.com?id=74968X1596630&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.hulu.com%2Fseries%2F9-1-1-b3519825-4053-4065-b3a6-e93125fb7d54&sref=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.goodhousekeeping.com%2Flife%2Fentertainment%2Fa60982037%2F911-season-8-release-date-cast-news%2F" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Shop Now;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas" class="link ">Shop Now</a></p><p>'9-1-1'</p><p>hulu.com</p>

When the time comes for 9-1-1 season 8 to debut this fall, fan can tune into new episodes Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

For those who don't have access to a TV, you can always watch new episodes as they air in real-time on the ABC site or on the ABC app. There are also live-streaming sites where you can watch 9-1-1 season 8 as it airs, like Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, Philo, Sling or FuboTV. Just make sure you have your TV provider information at hand so you can log in before watching.

If you can't watch 9-1-1 live or you want to wait until you can watch it at your leisure, new episodes will likely hit Hulu to watch the next day. If you don't have an account, you can try out the service free for 30 days before choosing from plans that start at $7.99 per month. Once you're all set, click on the title page on Hulu's website or the Hulu app.

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