'9-1-1' Fans May Not Like What Jennifer Love Hewitt Had to Say About the Season 7 Finale

buck bothered and bewildered upon her return to shore, athena's son, harry, finds himself in trouble with the law meanwhile, buck grows envious as eddie forms a close bond with someone else, and the 118 rescue a woman who's stuck on receiving a rose at an iconic mansion
'9-1-1' Star Teases "Intense" Season 7 FinaleChris Willard
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Danger has a way of finding Jennifer Love Hewitt's Maddie Buckley.

In what the actress describes as "intense," the 9-1-1 season 7 finale airing on May 30 bodes badly for certain fan favorites. A teaser of the episode shared by the show's official Instagram revealed glimpses of Bobby (Peter Krause) and Athena (Angela Bassett) in dire straits. What's more, the promo ended as Bobby began to seize, while members of the 118 looked on in distress.

With all that hanging in the balance, Jennifer, who plays a starring role in the ABC series, recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight to hint at what viewers can expect from season 7, episode 10, "All Fall Down."

"You can expect it to confuse you emotionally in all the right ways. It's going to be intense," she said.

While the Ghost Whisperer alum kept details minimal, she added that her character fares much better than her counterparts. "The thing that I can say about this finale that's different from any finale, at least for Maddie, is that I get to end it OK," she told the outlet. "I get, like, an easy finale, but it's a good one."

That's quite a turn from Maddie's arc in recent seasons, which involved matters including an abusive relationship and postpartum depression. Relatively speaking, season 7 has gone off without a hitch for Maddie and Chimney (Kenneth Choi). Save for the fact that the two actually got hitched, marrying each other at the hospital.

Like many 9-1-1 fans, Kenneth wants a happy ending for his and Jennifer's characters. "I hope the writers read this: I want to explore happiness and joy and success in a loving relationship!" he told Collider.

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Kenneth added: "I'm really hoping that they have some time to breathe and enjoy wedded bliss, and each other, and their daughter and their family because they never really seem to be able to catch a break."

Jennifer even otold executive producer Tim Minear on her first day on set that she wanted Maddie to fall in love with Chim. "[Tim] was like, 'Why? You guys just met,'" she told PEOPLE. "I was like, 'There is just something about him that feels right for her and I think it would be really good. And we got to do it!"

The I Know What You Did Last Summer star continued: "It's just been amazing. [Choi is] like truly one of my favorite people on the earth, and we just love Maddie and Chimney so much together. And the audience really responded to it and when that happens, it's just like magical."

To watch the emotional conclusion, fans can tune in to the 9-1-1 season 7 finale tonight, Thursday, May 30 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC or watch next day on Hulu.

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