9-1-1 EP Talks Bobby's Tragic Loss, Buck's Big News, [Spoiler]'s Return and More in Fall Finale — Grade It!

Nary a member of the 118 escaped Monday’s 9-1-1 fall finale without a life-altering experience. Well, almost nary. Eddie got pretty lucky.

Less lucky, however, was Bobby, who discovered the charred remains of his sponsor Wendell while responding to a call about a fire. Having received a troubling voicemail from Wendell earlier in the episode (click here to watch), Bobby became overwrought with guilt and immediately began investigating the circumstances surrounding his sponsor’s mysterious demise.

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And he already has his first major lead: the seemingly innocent couple who inquired about the fire when the 118 arrived on the scene turned out to be the owners of a rehab facility where Wendell is believed to have been admitted before his death. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until sometime this spring to know more.

(Lest you theorize that Wendell might still be alive — that someone perhaps slipped Wendell’s watch on someone else’s body to make him appear dead — executive producer Kristen Reidel confirms to TVLine that Wendell is “unfortunately deceased.” But there’s a silver lining: “Thankfully, it’s TV, so we have the opportunity to go back and get to know him after he’s dead,” Reidel says.)

Elsewhere in the fall finale: Chimney discovered the haunted house of his dreams, though Maddie wasn’t quite as sold on their future home; Denny asked Hen and Karen about his birth mother, ultimately going behind their back and finding his birth father; and Buck announced that he successfully impregnated his friend’s wife.

Read on for our full Q&A with Reidel about the back half of Season 6, including and the return of yet another ghost from Hen and Karen’s past.

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