80-Year-Old Missing Hiker Turns Up at Bar for a Press Conference About His Own Disappearance

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The Tan Hill Inn/Facebook Harry Harvey (left)

An 80-year-old hiker who went missing surprised his family when he turned up at a press conference about his own disappearance.

Harry Harvey was reported missing on Sunday after he became separated from his hiking group during a heavy hailstorm at Yorkshire Dales National Park in northern England, according to authorities.

After spending four days searching for the experienced hiker, local authorities called for a press conference at The Tan Hill Inn on Wednesday when Harvey was found by a wildlife photographer and brought to the pub for a reunion with his family.

"I just got separated by getting caught in a really heavy hailstorm, a howling gale of wind," Harvey said in an Facebook Live video shared by the inn. "By the time I got my kit on it was getting really dark, so I missed what I would say was a turning. I had a plan B straight away, find somewhere safe to camp, put my tent up, keep warm, and that was it."

ITV Harry Harvey

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"The place where we got separated was absolutely desolate, there was no chance of putting a tent up that's for sure, so I had to find somewhere safe, which is what I did," he continued.

Harvey said he even spotted searchers during his time in the wilderness, though he did not realize that they were looking for him. During the ordeal, the hiker only suffered a bump on his head from falling into a stream.

"I had three really good wild camping nights where I was on my own and had all the kit I needed," he said.

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However, his family described the past few days as "torture," with his daughter in saying, "He's had a blast, we've had a nightmare."

"We know he is experienced, but not three nights, that's taking it a little bit to the extreme," the family said.

Over 100 rescue workers joined in the search for Harvey, according to Swaledale Mountain Rescue.

"This is fantastic news that Harry has been found safe and well," North Yorkshire Police Inspector Mark Gee said in a statement. "I want to thank all the search volunteers for their time, as well as gamekeepers, estate owners, farmers and local residents for their help and understanding. Thanks also to the Tan Hill, who looked after the volunteers and Mr. Harvey's family."