'7 Little Johnstons' Emma Experiences Major Teen Milestone (Exclusive Clip)

Emma Johnston from TLC's '7 Little Johnstons'

As Season 14 of 7 Little Johnstons continues to play out, viewers have witnessed Amber and Trent's kids experience several major moments. Emma and Alex enjoyed their junior prom, while Liz endured a difficult breakup with her longtime boyfriend and Anna purchased her first home.

Fans will soon see Emma embark on another teen milestone: working her first job. Ahead of the April 16 episode of 7 Little Johnstons, TLC shared an exclusive sneak peek clip with Parade.

During Emma's first day on the job at a popular local boutique, the high school junior hustled and helped customers during a hectic business day. She struggled at first with changing an outfit on a display mannequin. However, Emma quickly figured out how to lower it so she could better reach it and then raise it back up.

"I think she's really doing a great job," a manager told the camera. "She's great at following anything I tell her to do. I didn't have to show her how to do anything twice."

When Emma couldn't reach clothing items from high-up racks because of achondroplasia dwarfism, she used a long pole with a hook to help.

"The store got pretty busy," Emma said of her first day. "There was a lot of people, and it was a little bit hard talking to everyone. Because if that person needs something specific and then if the other person needs something specific, it's just all over the place."

Despite facing some challenges, Emma remained cool and calm under pressure—and she totally killed her first day on the job!

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