6ix9ine Reportedly Hit With $2 Million Lawsuit for Being a No Show at Concerts

Image via Mark Brown/Getty
Image via Mark Brown/Getty
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6ix9ine’s return to music has also come with another lawsuit.

TMZ reports that Streamusic has filed a $2 million lawsuit against the Brooklyn rapper, saying he was a no show for two Los Angeles concerts in December 2021 that the streaming app was going to air live. Streamusic alleges it gave the rapper $150,000 for performing and promoting the shows on Instagram, neither of which the company says happened.

However, after receiving the money, Tekashi allegedly ghosted the company in early December when they reached out for him to promote it on IG—and then he didn’t show up for the concerts. They finally got in touch with him in January, when they finalized a new agreement and rescheduled his performances.

However, he allegedly ghosted the company yet again and disregarded several letters that they sent to him regarding his contract. He ultimately never played the shows. Streamusic has now sued 6ix9ine for breach of contract and fraud. “We have no comment at this time. Tekashi has not been served with any legal papers,” the rapper’s attorney, Lance Lazzaro, told TMZ.

In March, news surfaced that 6ix9ine had told a judge in December that he was “struggling to make ends meet.” However, that seems to be no longer be the case. The rapper took to IG on Thursday to show off stacks of cash, which he said totals over $1 million. He also reiterated that he’s the “king of New York,” something he also said earlier this month.

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