6ix9ine Continues Throwing Shots at Fivio Foreign Over Album Sales and King of New York Debate

Photo by John Parra/Getty Images
Photo by John Parra/Getty Images

The feud between 6ix9ine and Fivio Foreign continued on Wednesday, with Tekashi sending more shots at the Brooklyn drill rapper on social media.

6ix9ine took to his Instagram Stories to mock Fivio’s recent chart success, claiming he’s not impressed by B.I.B.L.E.’s first-week numbers due to the fact that Foreign has been heavily promoted unlike the “blackballed” Tekashi.

“Its never about numbers until they do better than you then its ‘look at my numbers, look at my chart positions, look look look,’” 6ix9ine wrote. “And its crazy because Im doing that blackballed. They have all the help and more radio + editorial + playlisting.”

6ix9ine added, “@fivioforeign_8fs SMD with ya mother’s lips. I put names on it no subliminals.”

A few hours later, 6ix9ine posted a screenshot to his Stories of Fivio allegedly rolling with cops for security reasons. “Look at the Tekashi hate train ignore this,” he wrote, circling what appears to be a cop badge around the neck of one of the men near Foreign. “You King of NY but with police. This boy really roll around with SWAT team.”

Earlier this week, Fivio’s debut album B.I.B.L.E. debuted at No. 9 on the Billboard 200 with 29,000 equivalent album units. 6ix9ine subsequently jumped into the comments section of an Instagram post from DJ Akademiks, who reported Foreign’s first-week numbers, to throw shade at the Ye collaborator.

“This y’all king?” 6ix9ine wrote. “Not blackballed, all those features, the whole industry promoted that. And now you Kanye and Nicki sidekick even they even tried to help you promote.”

Fivio wound up responding via his IG Stories, calling out 6ix9ine for inflating his streaming numbers by buying YouTube views.

“And this is why I don’t respond to these lame ass weirdo clout chase’n n***as,” Fivio wrote alongside a post showing he has five songs on the New York Apple Music charts. “[You] could buy YouTube views but you can’t buy chart positions. Everything this kid [has] ever said has been lie and everything else is gon b a lie. I apologize to the real 1’s out there that’s mad I’m entertaining this shit but fans most kno. What’s really goin on in NY.”

Fivio issued another response on his IG Live on Sunday, reminding Tekashi that “numbers don’t determine the king of New York.”

“If numbers and things like that and views and all that determined the king of New York, then guess what, you know who would be the king of New York? Hov would be the king of New York. N***as like Biggie Smalls would be the king of New York. N***as like that,” the “Off the Grid” artist said. “But guess what? Numbers don’t determine the king of New York. You know what determines the king of New York? How many people want to follow you, how many people want to wear they hairstyle like you…how many people want to be around you, how much people fuck with you. You know what I’m saying? The kingdom gotta fuck with you in order for you to be the king, n***a.”

On Wednesday, Fivio continued boasting about his numbers, as he posted a screenshot on his Stories of his new video with Nicki Minaj, “We Go Up,” which has nearly 1 million views on YouTube. He also celebrated his debut LP’s performance, writing, “My first album went #9 on Billboard outta 100 that’s in the whole world. Coming from where I come from, that’s a win.”

Fivio delivered his latest shot at 6ix9ine this afternoon, posting a clip of himself listening to Hot 97 play his hit single with Alicia Keys and Kanye West, “City of Gods.” Fivio captioned the clip with a crown and Statue of Liberty emoji, continuing to assert he’s the king of New York.