6 weeks after its rough launch, Payday 3 is "finally up and running as it should be"

 Payday 3.
Payday 3.

Heist ‘em up shooter Payday 3 suffered a troubled launch period this September, but the newest, much-delayed patch brings the game to where “it should be,” according to developer Starbreeze.

Payday 3’s first bug fix and quality-of-life patch went live yesterday, November 2, after several delays. The 1.01 update promises to make your “heisting a smoother experience” on all platforms across PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Surveying the patch notes reveals fixes for virtually every aspect of the game, from audiovisual tweaks to UI changes and balance updates. Pre-order bonuses and “edition-specific items” have also been appropriately rewarded, although it’s come six weeks later than promised.

Payday 3 previously went offline twice due to server issues, and while those creases have largely been ironed out, Starbreeze isn’t done adding to the crime-ridden threequel. “After some instability, we’re finally up and running as things should be,” the studio writes, “Heisters heisting, civilians screaming, and cops floundering! We’ve got a lot more cooking, keep letting us know when you find bugs, and sending us your suggestions!”

What could Starbreeze be cooking up? The developer previously announced a roadmap with four different add-ons coming within the game’s first year. The first bit of content, named Syntax Error, is coming this Winter, although we haven’t heard anything about the post-launch content since September.

Our Payday 3 review was positive about the shooter, praising the smarter heists and more extensive customization options. But the lack of launch and subsequent content drought means the threequel’s concurrent player numbers regularly dip below Payday 2’s. Hopefully, the coming updates and add-ons are enough to thump some life into the newest heist-a-thon.

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