50 Classic Christmas Songs


Every Christmas season brings a rush of artists releasing Christmas albums. Each one trying to leave their mark on history. The majority are remakes of Christmas song classics, but there are also brand new Christmas songs released each year.

Creating a “hit” Christmas song is very hard to do. I think the reason is because of how much nostalgia there is around the holidays. We all associate fond memories of Christmas past with the music we heard at the time. This means great Christmas recordings tend to be passed down from generation to generation, and this is something that’s really hard to break into. But for those artists who can, it means a lifetime of Christmas bonus checks in the form of royalties.

For this playlist I’ve picked out 50 classic Christmas songs that you’ll hear every year. Each one has passed the test of time and show no sign of disappearing.

So if you’re a fan of traditional Christmas songs, this is the playlist for you.

50 Classic Christmas Songs
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