5 Things We’ll Miss From T.J. Miller on ‘Silicon Valley’

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It was announced that T.J. Miller will not be returning to HBO’s Silicon Valley for its fifth season. Miller plays Erlich Bachman, founder of many failed startups and owner of the incubator/bachelor pad in which the many of the characters live. We narrowed down the top five things we’ll miss by the absence of the entrepreneur-of-sorts.

No. 5: Sticking up for the little guy

Surrounded by tech geeks, the brash Erlich has had to throw his doughy weight around, including threatening to slit the throat of a child for not selling Adderall to Richard.

No. 4: Prank calls from Jian Yang

Erlich has a love/hate/scream-at relationship with his squatter and business partner Jian Yang, who often interrupts scenes with half-cocked, childish prank phone calls to Erlich. In one scene, Jian Yang calls Erlich as Erlich’s sadder, older, deader self.

No. 3: Erlich’s insults

Erlich never misses an opportunity to square off with anyone he deems inferior, which is everyone. No episode is complete without his volley of insults at his friends and enemies.

No. 2: Erlich’s love of branding

From Aviato to Bachman-etti, Erlich believes a good startup should have a cool-sounding name above all else, including a decent product.

No. 1: Visionary leadership

If Erlich were to write an article about himself, he’d certainly credit his visionary leadership for the “success” of his many ventures. Though his track record is dubious at best, we’ll certainly miss his pompous speeches, Don Draper-infused speeches, and triumphant, self-important attempts at leadership.

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