5 Simple Ways To Deal With A Demanding Child

Demanding child
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It’s pretty normal for kids to get demanding as they grow, understand the world around and see new things. But if their demanding nature continues to grow and starts to become overwhelming, then it’s time to take control of things and teach how to appropriately make requests. If you are facing such a situation, try these simple ways to deal with your demanding child.

1. Understand The Reason

demanding child
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Sometimes the child can be demanding to express their need which they are not able to communicate in any other way. For instance, if the child insists on being picked up, then it could simply mean that they need a comforting hug or they are not feeling safe. Sometimes, the kids can be demanding when they are not feeling well.

In such scenarios, comfort the child and make them understand that although they are not feeling safe or well, there is a right way to demand things. Instead of yelling or shouting, they can ask politely for such things.

2. Don’t Tackle Rudeness With Rudeness

When a child speaks rudely to you, it’s a common reflex to answer back in the same way. But even you know, this behavior does no good. It makes things even worse for you and your child. So, next time, take a step back, maintain a calm posture, and answer them politely. For instance, if your child is being rude or demanding a new toy, new dress, or anything, instead of snapping back at them, respond to them politely and in a positive way. You can say, “ I think you are frustrated about something, how can I help,” or “Is something bothering you, we can talk about it without yelling,” or something along similar lines.

By responding to your kid’s rudeness with politeness, you can let your kids know that you are willing to understand the reason for their outbursts. If you continue to answer with rudeness or call your kid’s behavior rude, they might bear the same perception about themselves and can continue with the same behavior. It is a self-imposed prophecy.

3. Make Them Understand What Demanding Behaviour Is

During the good times, sit with your child and make them understand that their demanding behavior will not get them anywhere but polite behavior will. Ask them how would they feel if they were yelled at for every small thing, or if someone shouted at them for getting their work then and so on. Make them understand how their demanding actions make others feel. Give them insights into how such actions can affect their behavior and relationship with loved ones. Show them the right way to ask for things.

4. Show Them Ways To Solve Their Problems

To make your child independent, show them ways to solve their problems. Instead of bringing them food every time they demand it, show them where it’s kept and what they can eat. Similarly, if they can’t find their favorite t-shirt in the wardrobe, show them the places where they can find it. Overall, encourage them to solve their simple problems as much as you can to avoid their tantrums.

5. Model Good Behaviour

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Instead of ordering or instructing your kids to do certain tasks, ask them politely for it. To teach them how to be polite with everyone and how to ask for things politely, you have to start behaving politely first. In place of saying, “Remove your dirty shoes now,” try saying, “Can you please remove your dirty shoes outside the house.” Kids imitate you, so no matter where you are, always behave politely if you want your kids to behave in the same way.

And do not forget to appreciate their efforts when they ask for things politely. This will boost their confidence. Dealing with a demanding child requires patience and constant effort, so don’t give up easily.

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