5 Seconds of Summer Is Here to Stay as They Celebrate 10 Years: 'It's Kind of Like a Marriage, Isn't It?'

Ten years of summer!

5 Seconds of Summer is in full celebration mode. On Friday, the pop-rock band released "2011," a single honoring their 10 years as a group — and they also are hosting a livestream concert-meets-movie, The Five Seconds of Summer Show, for fans to enjoy.

The boys — Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin — were just in their teens when they "were dreaming big" in the outskirts of Western Sydney. And now, as adults, Clifford tells PEOPLE that there's a lot more 5SOS to come.

"We did this together. We never forget that. It's bonded us on a level that's unexplainable," Michael Clifford, 26, tells PEOPLE. "It's really an unbreakable bond."

"We came together in such an organic way," adds Hemmings, 25. "We felt we had something special even when we were starting in the outskirts of Western Sydney. It's just honestly the friendship [that's kept us together.]"

5 Seconds of Summer
5 Seconds of Summer

Andy DeLuca

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With every group, there's always a worry that an expiration date will come and its members will decide to pursue careers solo (see: Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, One Direction), but the boys have managed to work on their "passion projects" while continuing to work as a group.

To fans who think that the end may be near, Hemmings is clear: "There's no need to worry."

"We have this determination to keep going and keep pushing ourselves creatively," he says. "There's no fear in me that the band is coming to an end."

There's more than a friendship between the boys too. For Clifford, who's an only child, "I learned what it was like to have brothers," he says.

"We hang out even if we're not working. There's a real friendship there. We just laugh and have a good time. It's about understanding that things do grow and change and that's not necessarily a negative thing," explains Hemmings. "Our lives are intertwined. We have individual lives and this beautiful band that we started when we were so young. It holds such a special place."

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Along with the live stream and new song, Clifford says there's a new "really incredible" album coming in the new year.

"Once that's out there in the world, there's no telling really because we can just keep going," he says. "It's a return to our roots, but also a departure of where we were at. It's this middle ground of what everyone has loved of 5SOS through the years."

As for the live stream, titled The Five Seconds of Summer Show, Hemmings says that the boys sat with their friends and watched it together.

"It was a really funny, beautiful and emotional moment," he says. "We worked so hard on it."

"We accidentally made a movie in a couple weeks," jokes Clifford. "It's honestly one of the things I'm most proud of."

And "2011?" "We wanted there to be a familiar sound for people who have liked our band through the years," says Clifford about the song he co-produced with John Feldmann.

With a tour coming in the new year, the boys are excited for what's to come. But through it all, they're staying true to themselves and to the band.

"It's kind of like a marriage isn't it?" laughs Hemmings.