5 Reasons Why the New Millennium Falcon Toy Is Way Better Than the Old One


The Battle Action Millennium Falcon in the box (Imgur)

Earlier today, as the grand finale of their live global toy unboxing event, Lucasfilm and Hasbro revealed their new Battle Action Millennium Falcon. (This followed the debut of several other new Millennium Falcon toys, including a flying drone and a Lego version.) As toys go, this one is pretty awe-inspiring: a large, highly detailed play set designed to fit Hasbro’s new line of 3.75-inch Star Wars: The Force Awakens action figures. Special-edition figures of Chewbacca, the droid BB-8, and Finn (played by John Boyega in the film) are included with the ship, which looks like it can run circles around the original Millennium Falcon toy fans may remember from their childhoods. Here are five improvements to the new Falcon toy — which might also offer some hints about the ship’s revamped appearance in The Force Awakens.

Pop-up cannon

Here’s a piece of artillery that’s brand new to the Falcon: a laser cannon that pops up from the top of the ship. (Hence the “battle action” part of the description.) The toy’s cannon shoots Nerf darts, which are stored in two compartments at the front of the ship.


The laser cannon and Nerf dart storage compartments (Imgur)

Stand-up turret

On the back side of the laser cannon is a battle station, where your 4-inch Chewbacca can stand and deliver some laser action.


For the first time, Star Wars action figures can actually repair that always-busted hyperdrive. Built into the cockpit, the hyperdrive turns on and off with a switch — and sound effects helpfully indicate whether it’s broken or fixed.


The Battle Action Millennium Falcon comes with special-edition action figures of Chewbacca (above), BB-8 and Finn. (Imgur)

Rectangular dish

Remember the circular sensor dish (aka the rectenna) on top of the original Millennium Falcon? It broke off in Return of the Jedi while Lando Calrissian was flying into the Death Star, and coincidentally, it was constantly breaking off the original Millennium Falcon toy. Hopefully the new, sleeker dish will stay put.


The cockpit of the Millennium Falcon, with Finn (in sick bay) and BB-8 action figures. (Imgur)

Flying noises

The original toy produced a “battle alert sound” when you pressed a button, but the sound effects on the new Falcon have that beat: The ship makes a different “whoosh” noise depending on which direction you tilt it. One thing that hasn’t changed? The sounds still require batteries (not included).