5 Reasons Why Celebrities Hate Valentine's Day as Much as You Do

Ah, Valentine’s Day: It’s the Hallmark holiday that people love to hate. You may think that only single people dislike the day of love, but the truth is, so does everyone else — even celebrities. See, they really are just like us!

Jane Lynch says “it’s the most ridiculous holiday that has been created by greeting cards,” while Gillian Jacobs believes “it’s one of those holidays where it’s just all expectations so it can be nothing but disappointment.” And according to Judd Apatow, he “feels pressure on Valentine’s Day” and always thinks, “Am I going to screw it up?”

The Bachelors Ben Higgins tells a delightfully mortifying story about one of his Valentine’s Day disasters, but it’s Man Seeking Womans Jay Baruchel who has the truly bone-chilling V-Day horror story. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

If that’s not enough romance for you, watch the Man Seeking Woman cast read creepy, men-seeking-women ads from Craig’s List.