5 Reasons Sofia Richie Just Might Be Perfect for Justin Bieber

·Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

What, you thought you were going to start your week off without some Justin Bieber drama?

The 22-year-old singer made headlines over the weekend after threatening to make his Instagram private if fans didn’t stop bashing his new girl, Sofia Richie. The “Sorry” crooner and Richie, daughter of Lionel Richie, posted a series of photos together to social media and the backlash was harsh. Even Selena Gomez had a few feisty things to say.

While Justin and Sofia, 17, haven’t officially confirmed their relationship — let’s see if that changes after she turns 18 on August 24 — we’re not sure what all the hate is about. Here are five reasons we think Sofia could actually be good for the Biebs.

1. Sofia Doesn’t Need Justin for Fame

Her last name speaks for itself. Sofia is Lionel Richie’s daughter and Nicole Richie’s younger sister. Fame runs in her DNA, so it’s not like she needs to attach herself to Justin for notoriety. This is something the singer is pretty sensitive about. When Selena called out Justin on Sunday for not being able to handle the hate (and for cheating), her ex-boyfriend fired back, “It’s funny to see people that used me for attention and still try to point the finger this way. Sad. All love.”

2. The Lionel Richie Factor

Talk about scoring in the potential in-law department. OK, we’re getting ahead of ourselves, but who better to have as a role model in this industry than Lionel? Let’s face it, sometimes Justin needs guidance navigating through his crazy world, and Lionel could be that guy. Plus, we could totally see him calling Justin out when he’s acting like a punk.

3. She’s Grounded

Sofia runs in famous circles, counting Kendall and Kylie Jenner as friends, but her parents tried to raise her like a normal teenager, giving her an 11 p.m. curfew. “It’s a generous curfew,” she laughingly told Nylon in 2014. “I have time to be a 16-year-old. And sometimes just being a kid is fun.” Sofia must have gotten a pass on that, considering she went with Bieber to Japan … but it is summertime, after all.

4. Her Social Media Game’s on Point

Sofia knows her way around Instagram and Tumblr and is very social media savvy. Given how into shirtless selfies Justin Bieber is, we’re guessing she’s just fine with that. “I never really thought I would make a blog myself,” she previously told People about her Tumblr obsession. “Then I got super-interested in pictures and runways. I started following a bunch of model blogs and runway blogs and then I just started following designers. Sometimes I’ll see something on Tumblr and think, ‘Oh my God, how did I not think about this?‘” Since Sofia is familiar with navigating around online, she understands trolls are trolls, and all the crude comments don’t seem to rattle her.

5. She’s Not Selena Gomez

OK, before you Jelena fans start attacking us, this is not shade thrown Selena Gomez’s way. We heart her. But Selena and Justin have been on-again, off-again 10,000 times, and it has never worked out! It might be time to accept the fact they just might not be right for each other. And they are both going to move on with other people, eventually. Come on, Beliebers, let’s practice by giving Sofia a chance!