5 latte art TikToks that will inspire you to get fancy with your coffee

Here are 5 latte art ideas that range in difficulty but are all equally impressive. 1. Chain of Hearts Latte Art. TikTok user Dallmayr_de (@dallmayr_de) teaches viewers how to make a string of hearts formation to the tune of Fleetwood Mac . 2. Designer Latte Art. Using a plastic stencil, TikTok user Vicki Rutwind fashions the latte with a Gucci logo adorned in cinnamon. 3. Slow Heart Latte Art Tutorial. TikTok user Morgan Eckroth (@morgandrinkscoffee) shows viewers how to make a classic heart design using the perfect balance of cup placement and pour angles. 4. Chocolate Caramel Coconut Delight Latte Art. From the chocolate-covered coconut rim of the cup to the caramel and chocolate houndstooth center design, . this latte from TikTok user tvoyabariska00 (@tvoyabariska00) is almost too pretty to drink. 5. Harry Potter Latte Art. TikTok user LATTEART (@hot_hitoiki) makes magic with coffee. Especially with this latte featuring Harry Potter