5 coffee cocktails that are a caffeine lover's dream

From classics with a caffeinated twist to new cold brew concoctions, here are five coffee cocktails that are a caffeine lover’s dream. 1. Cold brew and bourbon cocktail . TikToker and chef Josh Penaflor’s (@joshpenaflor) cold brew cocktail is a creamy confection that looks so smooth and refreshing you can almost taste it through the screen. 2. Coffee dessert cocktail. This dessert cocktail is a simple mix of vodka, Kahlua, chocolate liquor, and coffee. It’s served in a glass garnished with chocolate syrup and coconut flakes on the rim. 3. Espresso martini. TikToker and chef Eugene Wong’s (@the_eugefood) recipe for espresso martinis is a blend that packs a punch. 4. Coffee mojito . TikTok account Make Life Better (@lifebar) frequently features cocktails that look like they’re from the future, and their coffee mojito is a new fusion of old classics. 5. Iced grasshopper espresso. This iced grasshopper espresso from TikToker and cocktail connoisseur Julianna McIntosh (@join_jules) is perfect for an evening of leisure