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The 5 best Apple AirTag alternatives that are actually worth buying

Apple’s AirTags are useful for keeping track of your stuff. People use them to track their luggage, keys, handbags — I even have one attached to my dog’s leash. I’d be remiss not to mention that they got a bad reputation for causing security issues (like aiding stalkers) after two women filed a court case in California in December 2022. However, when used properly and legally, they’re incredibly helpful, — but since they’re a bit expensive, folks are actively searching for the best Airtag alternatives.

Quick Overview

The thing is, Apple AirTags aren’t the only Bluetooth trackers on the market. There are others that work with Android and Apple devices. In fact, you can find five of the best AirTag alternatives below.

All of these AirTag alternatives use Bluetooth to track the location of items in real time. They have a long battery life and use the iPhone’s Find My app or something similar. The Apple AirTag also costs $28.99, and some of these alternatives are cheaper. Some are even slimmer.

Put one into your glasses case, slip one into your wallet or stick one to the television remote if you’re always misplacing it. If you’ve lost something and have a tracker on it, it won’t be in the last place you look — it will be in the first.

Best for Android Users

Tile was one of the first brands to launch a Bluetooth tracking device. The Tile Pro has the loudest alarm for finding it and the longest Bluetooth range — up to 400 feet. Outside of range, you can use the Tile app to see on a map where the device last was or enlist the help of the Tile Network. You can add your contact information to your Tile account and if your Tile Pro is lost, someone can scan the QR code on the back to contact you. On the flip side, if you’ve lost your phone within range, you can double press the button on your Tile to make your phone ring, even if it’s on silent.

$25 at Amazon

Most Similar to Apple AirTag

The Chipolo ONE Spot has the longest-lasting battery life of all trackers — up to two years. While the standard Chipolo One only uses the Chipolo app and relies on users for its tracking network, the Chipolo ONE Spot uses Apple’s Find My Network for tracking. It also offers the loudest alarm of all trackers and comes in a sleek little black package with a convenient keyring hole.

$28 at Amazon

The Thinnest Tracker

If you’re looking for an extra thin tracker to stick to your television remote, in your wallet or even to your passport, the Cube Shadow is it. While it’s thin, it can track items via Bluetooth up to 200 feet away. After that, the Cube Tracker shows the last known location on a map and then it enables Crowd Find. Anyone else with the app who is within proximity of your Cube Shadow can trigger an update on the tag’s latest location. Additionally, there’s a button on the Cube Shadow for finding your phone, similar to the Tile Pro. The biggest down side is that the battery life is short in comparison to others — on three months — but it has a rechargeable battery.

$36 at Amazon

Best for Tracking Wallets

The eufy Smart Track Card is just like it sounds — it’s a card that slides perfectly into your wallet like a credit card, but it tracks your wallet as far as you can go. It uses the Find My app via Apple to track and a loud alarm to help you find your items. Additionally, you can connect it to the eufy Security App to find a silent phone or share the location of your items with other people. For example, if you want to share the location of your wallet with your partner in case your phone dies or you lose it, you can. However, the eufy Security App also sets off an alarm if you accidentally leave it behind.

$30 at Amazon

Best for Samsung Users

OK, Samsung users — this one is for you. If you have a Samsung device, you can purchase its SmartTag+ to track items. However, this tracker is fully integrated into Samsung’s whole ecosystem, including its SmartThings. That means you can press a button on your SmartTag+ to turn on your home’s lights if you need to. If you lose an item, you can trigger a sound from your tracker and walk towards it to find it. However, Samsung also offers AR Finding. This walks you step-by-step to your item through your Samsung mobile device and lets you know you're close with a glimmering green sensor light. If your item is out of Bluetooth range or offline, the Galaxy Find Network can use scanned data to find it privately.

$60 at Amazon

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