5 Bargains You Can Find Only at Dollar Tree

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Sundry Photography / Getty Images

Dollar Tree’s chain of stores — where nothing costs more than $1.25 — doesn’t really break the mold in terms of unique merchandise.

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What makes it special, and a bargain for consumers, however, is just what you can buy for that low price compared to what you would pay elsewhere. While the $1.25 price tag isn’t much of a discount over other retailers when it comes to some items, for others that cost is an absolute steal.

In just which aisles at Dollar Tree will you find the bargains with prices that can’t be topped? Try these five aisles.


Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with DealNews.com, said Dollar Tree is a great place to shop for festive stoneware at an affordable price, allowing you to coordinate your dishes with the time of year or occasion.

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“Dollar Tree routinely has plates, bowls, mugs and charger plates that fit with the seasons — and all cost $1.25 each, which is far less than what you’ll spend per piece on sets elsewhere,” she said. “And since they’re sold individually you can get exactly the amount you need rather than having to buy multiple sets to have enough for entertaining.”

A 16-piece set of Better Homes & Gardens stoneware starts at $39.92 at Walmart — $2.50 per plate, mug, bowl and salad plate.


Now that you have new dishes, how about some glasses, too? The advantage of buying them at Dollar Tree — aside from the price — is that you can find a variety and tailor the glasses to the drinks you’re serving.

“If you need cheap wine, martini, whiskey, brandy or hurricane glasses, Dollar Tree is the place to go,” Ramhold said. “You can find them in various styles and buy only the amount you need rather than having to buy a bunch of expensive sets from other places — they’ll set you back $1.25 each.

“In addition to those types, you’ll also find rock glasses, margarita glasses, dessert shot glasses and daiquiri glasses depending on your local store’s selection.”

If you’re looking for the basics, Target’s Asheboro glasses by Threshold cost $35 for six short and six tall glasses — almost $3 each.

Floral Craft Supplies

Yes, you can get similar items elsewhere,” Ramhold said, “but you can pick up pieces at Dollar Tree for $1.25 each — whereas shopping at craft stores for these kinds of items will mean spending at least $5 each.”

She’s right. Dollar Tree has five- and six-bunch artificial flowers and vases for the store’s low price. A check of Hobby Lobby showed flowers and similar vases priced at more than $5 unless on sale.

Wooden Signs

Wooden signs with different sayings such as “Welcome,” “Coffee Bar,” “Wash Your Hands” and “Season’s Greetings” — the latter depending on the time of year — have taken over walls in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms. Dollar Tree typically stocks a variety of wooden signs tailored to the season.

“Craft stores will often have wooden signs for different holidays throughout the year, but they’ll usually cost at least around $15, if not more,” Ramhold said. But, at Dollar Tree, “the cheap price means you don’t have to pick and choose, either. You can get them all if you want without spending a fortune.”

Hallmark Cards

Hallmark cards, for years the gold standard, have gotten incredibly expensive. The last time you bought a card, you might have been stunned at the register to learn it cost $5 or more. But, at Dollar Tree, you can stock up on Hallmark at a price that only this chain has: two for $1 for Hallmark’s Heartline collection or $1 each for its Expressions line of cards.

Before hitting the big-box stores or department stores for some of these items, it wouldn’t hurt to check Dollar Tree. This might be the only place to find what you’re looking for at a price that’s friendly to your wallet.

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