48 Hours on ID: What Did Viktoria Nasyrova Do?

Viktoria Nasyrova
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The upcoming episode of 48 Hours on ID will show a shocking case involving a woman named Viktoria Nasyrova. The episode titled “The Case of the Poison Cheesecake” will air on Sunday, February 4, 2024, at 8 p.m. ET.

The official synopsis of the 48 Hours episode reads, “A beauty stylist is almost murdered in 2016 by a client who comes to her home and poisons her with a piece of cheesecake; the motive doesn’t make sense to police until they realize that the stylist and the client have an uncanny physical resemblance.”

According to CBS News, in August 2016, a New York-based beauty stylist, Olga Tsvyk, became ill after consuming a piece of cheesecake. However, it was her client, Viktoria Nasyrova, who gave her this dessert. Reports suggest that the cake was poisoned, and Tsvyk lost consciousness. Furthermore, Tsvyk stated that she almost died at the hospital. When Tsvyk returned home, she realized that some of her belongings, including purses, money, and jewelry disappeared. She soon contacted the police and informed them of Viktoria’s actions.

After a lengthy investigation, officials finally apprehended Viktoria Nasyrova in March 2017. Surprisingly, they discovered that the accused had an ID card that belonged to Olga Tsvyk. This convinced investigators that she intended to kill Tsvyk to steal her identity.

What was Viktoria Nasyrova found guilty of?

According to CBS News, Viktoria Nasyrova tried to murder and assume Olga Tsvyk’s identity because of her involvement in a different case. Back in 2014, Viktoria reportedly robbed and murdered the mother of a woman named Nadia Ford. Since this incident happened in Russia, she fled the country and needed a way to live in the USA by dodging Russian authorities.

Following Nasyrova’s arrest for trying to kill Tsvyk, she spent nearly six years in custody. After many delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, her trial began in January 2023, when she was found guilty of attempted murder. The judge reportedly sentenced her to 21 years in prison. The outlet further mentioned that after she is released from prison, Viktoria Nasyrova may be deported back to her country.

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