The 45 Best Sci-fi Horror Movies to Watch in Time for Halloween

·1 min read

Lately, we’ve been feeling something strange in the air: moonbeams transmitting faraway messages, AI getting too smart, and the weather getting a little too weird. Lately, the whole world’s been a bit dystopian—and more frightening than even the strangest sci-fi horror movies could have foreseen.

In celebration of the filmmakers who sent warnings from the past about the frights of the future, we’re counting down our favorite sci-fi horror movies. But what exactly counts as sci-fi/horror? There’s been debate about this ever since the birth of both genres, with some scholars even arguing that all horror is sci-fi. We’re not getting too bogged down in the details (are zombie movies technically sci-fi?), so instead, we picked a wide selection of sci-fi horror movies ranging from post-apocalyptic nightmares to outer space terrors (in no specific order).