This $40 Amazon find gives you four power outlets without needing any extra space

Maren Estrada
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We recently told our readers about an awesome solution called the Sleek Socket, and they loved it. As a matter of fact, thousands of BGR Deals readers swarmed Amazon to get their hands on this brilliant device. It plugs into any standard wall outlet and then a single cable runs down to a power strip with four or more outlets. This way, you can eliminate all those cumbersome cables sticking out of your wall and hide them behind a piece of furniture or an appliance.

As great as the Sleek Socket is, it’s not always convenient for every situation. Now, however, we’ve found another solution called theOUTlet that people are definitely going to want to check out.

This cool solution comes in two different models that are both quite affordable. TheOUTlet Basic includes four three-prong power outlets and theOUTlet USB has four power outlets as well as two USB ports to charge your smartphones, tablets, eBook readers, and other gadgets. Both models have the same brilliant design that you’ll wish you had in your home the whole time.

When closed, theOUTlet has two power outlets that look just like any other three-prong outlets, but they’ve been turned sideways. Then, with a quick press of one button, the outlets pop open to expose another pair of plugs. That means you can plug in four different devices in the same space as a regular outlet that can only power two things. Or, in the case of theOUTlet USB, you can power six different devices at once.

Installing theOUTlet is just as easy as installing any other duplex wall box. In fact, if your house is anything like mine, the most difficult and time-consuming part might be finding the proper fuse to switch off before you start your installation. After that, it’s just a matter of disconnecting the old outlet and connecting theOUTlet in its place. That’s it!

Definitely check it out on Amazon while it’s still in stock.

  • Twice the outlets, but not twice the wall space!

  • theOUTlet strikes an important balance between aesthetics and functionality that most other solutions fall short of.

  • In the closed position theOUTlet looks like a standard outlet. It has two available receptacles and still fits into your standard duplex wall box.

  • BUT when opened… theOUTlet instantly doubles your receptacles without taking up any additional wall space.

  • Simply slide the button on theOUTlet to hide or expose additional receptacles and USBs when and where you need them. No more hunting for outlet expanders in the junk drawer, looking for the last available extension cord, or having to deal with an ugly solution that just doesn’t meet your needs (because who wants an extension cord on the kitchen counter?!)

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