Here Are 4 Major Blush Techniques Makeup Girlies Are Using in 2023

Quiet as kept, blush wear has been gaining popularity among the Black and Brown girlies.

At one point in my life, I never thought I'd be the one to dust any color of blush along my cheeks, but when I found the right shades that fit my Godiva milk-chocolate skin, I was sold. After countless hours of scrolling on the beauty side of TikTok and Instagram, I was pleasantly surprised to see fellow makeup enthusiasts playing with different blushing techniques and shades to add fierce washes of colors to their faces.

There's so much room to play around with colors and hacks when applying and wearing blush. At an even high level, beauty moguls such as Rihanna and Lori Harvey have even shown off their go-to blushing techniques, giving us all even more agency to pick up a fluffy brush and blush dust.

For those curious to try different blushing techniques, we've rounded up a few blush trends bound to amp up your makeup game. Keep reading on for more.

Over Blushing

Maximalist beauty never went any wear. "Over Blushing" is nothing but outlining and sculpting your face with blush instead of contour products. It adds heavily pigmented color to your cheeks and temples while adding definition to the face.

Baby-doll Blush

This trend focuses on the hyper placement of blush, with the ending result being very doll-like. To achieve this look, you'd want to use liquid blush with intense pigment. The blush would need to be applied in the shape of tiny arrows on the outer eye, nose, chin and cheekbones — using a beauty blender to blend effortlessly for an ethereal look.

Under Eye Blushing


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The girlies are now using blush mixed in with their concealer to brighten and lift the under-eye area. Begin by adding a slight touch of liquid blush in the inner corner of the eyes, going in next with your preferred concealer — blending them together. Be sure to set it with a powder blush of the same hue and you'll achieve a magical finish.

Eyelid Blush

Who said that blush was only meant for the cheeks? This technique adds blush to the lids and lips with a bit of gloss for an editorial, professional finish.