'USA Today' Featuring 'Back to the Future' Front Page Sells Out

(Courtesy of ‘USA Today’)

By Ryan Parker

Back to the Future can sell movie tickets — and apparently newspapers.

On Thursday, USA Today added a special wrap on all copies featuring the exact same front page as seen in Back to the Future: Part II. Issues flew off the shelves and produced large online orders, according to the newspaper.

The paper came out following Back to the Future Day on Wednesday, dubbed that because it was the exact date Marty and Doc travel to from 1985 in the second installment of the trilogy.

The exact number of copies sold will not be known until next week, but at least 17,000 issues were ordered through USA Today’s online store, according to the newspaper.

Fake stories featured included the arrest of Marty’s kid, Martin McFly, “Cholesterol may cure cancer” and “3 injured when mom re-hydrates pizza slices.”

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Copies of the paper have hit eBay, listed for between $20 and more than $2,000.

The newspapers are not the only Back to the Future merchandise going for big bucks.

Limited edition Pepsi Perfect bottles released Wednesday — of which only 6,500 were made and originally retailed for $20.15 — are also going for hundreds on the auction site.

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Fans bought the merchandise, but also flocked to the theater to see the films.

Back to the Future Day took in an estimated $4.8 million at the global box office, with marathon screenings of the Universal trilogy held around the world on Wednesday.

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