'The Walking Dead' Midseason Finale: Will These Questions Get Answers or Cliffhangers?


Warning: The Walking Dead TV series and comic book series spoilers ahead.

So many unanswered questions, so few episodes left this year. There’s just one, in fact, the Season 6 midseason finale of The Walking Dead, the last episode of the show we’ll see until February. We’ve already learned the fate of Glenn after a tense, nearly month-long wait, but the first seven installments of the season set up plenty of other storylines that have yet to fully play out. Here’s a rundown of the questions we hope will be answered in Sunday’s “Start to Finish”… or which, at least, we hope will spark juicy cliffhangers.

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Who/What Will Survive the Herd?
There’s been a lot of acknowledgement by Rick’s group — from Sasha and Abraham in “Always Accountable” to Rick himself and Glenn in “Heads Up” — that, after so much trauma and traveling from place to place for some sort of sanctuary, the group has found safety (ish) and comfort with the walls, houses, and food of Alexandria. They’re finally ready to appreciate and take advantage of all Alexandria can offer them. So, don’t you know, that’s just when the walls come tumbling down, and that dozen-deep herd of walkers is going to come rushing in. The first order of business is surviving the herd, then getting rid of it… all before someone/s else comes looking to take advantage of the situation. Someone like, say, an iconic TWD comic book baddie who has been cast for the series and is almost certain to make his debut sometime in Season 6 (Negan, we mean Negan).

Also, it isn’t just the people of Alexandria who may not survive the herd… there’s Alexandria itself, or rather those walls and houses. Before Abraham hopped in that truck with Daryl and Sasha and headed back towards home, he secured for himself some choice, powerful RPGs. Perhaps the weapons will factor into how the herd at Alexandria is dealt with? Daryl heard the story of how D and Honey (the people who stole Daryl’s bike and crossbow; that’s how AMC is officially referring to the characters) burned down a whole forest to deal with walkers at the beginning of the apocalypse… might the RPGs be employed to take out the herd, and, sadly, Alexandria with it?

What About the Other Half of the Herd?
Remember, right before Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham were attacked in “Always Accountable,” they were successfully leading the other half of the walker herd away from Alexandria? Where did those walkers go when the trio splintered off? Did the gunfire and horn and various other noises draw them towards Alexandria, too?

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Will Morgan, or Someone Else, Kill the Big Bad Wolf Before the Big Bad Wolf Breaks Free?
Can Morgan let go of the idea that “all life is precious,” or at least reconcile himself to the fact that it isn’t that black and white, and that it really only appeared to be that black and white for Eastman in the woods because he was living by himself, in a secluded area, with his actions affecting no one but himself?


Now that Morgan is part of the Alexandria community, he must find a way to live by his code and do what’s best for the others who trust him and look for him to help protect them. He admitted to Rick, Michonne, and Carol in “Heads Up” that he knows who the Wolves are and what they will continue doing. He’s holding hostage/protecting/providing medical aide to the Wolf who looked him right in the eyes and told him he will kill Morgan and everyone else in town, children included, if he survives. Yet Morgan insists everyone is capable of change. Is he right? And if he’s not, who will pay for his decision to spare the Wolves (a decision that already nearly cost Rick his life in the RV)?

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Will Glenn and Enid Get Inside Alexandria to Help Fight Off the Herd?
And if yes, will they make it inside in time to help? Will they survive the herd themselves? Will Glenn and Maggie have the chance for a reunion? Will he have the chance to tell his wife about his new friendship with Enid? It’s a protective, older brother-ish relationship that may be the TV series’ version of the comic book storyline that found Sophia (Carol’s daughter) being raised by Glenn and Maggie after comic book Carol dies.


Will Ron Get His Revenge on Rick and Carl?
He knows how to shoot a gun, he swiped a handful of bullets from the supply room, and he was following Carl down the street. The wall collapse/herd intrusion may have saved Carl temporarily, but the ensuing chaos could also provide Ron with a opportunity to take aim at the Grimes men and get away with it. Is this how a major moment from the comics — one involving Carl and the loss of a major body part — is played out on the show?


Love in the Apocalypse, Part I: Will Rick and Jessie Officially Become a Couple?
Their chemistry has been obvious since she cut his hair shortly after the Ricktatorship arrived in Alexandria. And then they kissed. Will they go ahead and make their flirtation an official relationship after they deal with that pesky herd?


Love in the Apocalypse, Part II: How Will Rosita React to Abraham’s Feelings for Sasha?
Rosita, girl, you may not be as happy as you would think if Abraham makes it back to Alexandria. He plans to dump you and start a relationship with Sasha. And Abraham, there’s no one better with a clever turn of phrase than you, but you’re about to break up with a woman who’s training her fellow townsfolk on how best to kill things using various long, sharp blades. Choose your words carefully is all we’re saying.


Will Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham Make It Back to Alexandria in Time to Help Save the Town From the Herd?
As we mentioned, those RPGs Abraham found could come in real handy right about now…

Whose Voice Was on the Radio Asking Daryl for Help at the End of “Always Accountable”?
Norman Reedus already told us it wasn’t Glenn, but that it was someone from Alexandria. Listen to it again, the way the person says “Help” as if it were a question. It’s Eugene, right?

Is Enid a Friend of the Wolves?
After her time with Glenn in “Heads Up,” we wanna say no. But remember her conversation with Carl in “JSS,” when she warns him about Alexandria’s vulnerability: “This place is too big to protect. There are too many blind spots. That’s how we were able to…" Who’s “we”? And what were “we” able to do? Sounds like she was definitely aligned with someone who took some sort of action that was not in the best interest of the Alexandrians, hmmm?


Will Negan Make His Debut?
The speculation is that Jeffrey Dean Morgan won’t make his first appearance as Negan until the Season 6 finale next year. But the show has already pulled a big switcheroo on viewers once this year — and we are very grateful they did, #GlennLives — so who’s to say Negan doesn’t actually debut in the midseason finale?

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Will D and Honey Reappear in the Midseason Finale?
We know we’re going to see them again at some point, if for no other reason than Daryl needs to get a shot at retrieving his motorcycle and his trademark crossbow. Could they pop up in “Start to Finish”? And if “D” turns out to be Dwight, a comic book character who has some painful ties to Negan, will he turn out to be a friend or a foe to Rick and company?


What’s Become of Cardigan Carol?
Carol was last seen confronting Morgan at the cell where he’s been hiding the Big Bad Wolf. She has no tolerance for Morgan’s “all life is precious” mantra, as she does not hesitate for a second to take out anyone who poses a threat to her or her loved ones. But she also seemed shocked at her own words when she told Sam in “Heads Up” that “The only thing that keeps you from becoming a monster is killing.” Is Carol going to have a little crisis of conscience? Did all that time she spent in those flowery cardigans, swapping casserole recipes with the real housewives of Alexandria, stir up a little softening of the personal philosophies of the tough chica? Here’s hoping not, at least not now, when the group needs her skills and leadership more than ever with that herd spilling into town.


Will the Alexandrians Be a Help or a Hindrance in Fighting Off the Herd?
Jessie’s shown her badass potential, but what about Deanna, Spencer, Tobin, and several other Alexandrians who sincerely want to help protect their town, but haven’t really had enough time or practice to develop any fighting and defense skills that would make that possible? How will they react with the walls down and a throng of walkers lumbering right at them? Will they stay calm enough to help Rick and his group take the walkers down? Or will they panic, putting their own lives, and the lives of their more capable new neighbors, at risk?

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The Walking Dead midseason finale airs Sunday, Nov. 29 at 9 p.m. on AMC.