'Quantico': Priyanka Chopra's Castmates Share 3 Reasons They Love Her

She’s “fabulous,” “endearing,” basically “perfect,” say the castmates of Quantico star Priyanka Chopra. But their No. 1, most favorite thing about their ABC drama co-worker? Her love of hearty, meaty food, a love so strong she refers to herself as… The Baconator.

Chopra’s co-stars, Josh Hopkins and Johanna Braddy, share the many things they love about the actress in a Yahoo TV video chat, and can’t deny they’re envious about her ability to chow down on burgers, hot wings, and chili dogs, and not have to pay for her indulgences with hours in the gym.

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“She’s kind of fabulous,” says Braddy. “She’s got her act together.” Adds Hopkins, “She is that annoying cliché, it’s like, ‘I just eat … she actually is that.”

All three stars return to primetime on March 6, when Quantico resumes its freshman season with “Alex,” an episode that finds Chopra’s FBI trainee Alex Parrish in the middle of a congressional hearing about the terrorist bombings.

Alex is sure Elias Harper didn’t act alone, and she wants to get to the truth as much as anyone at the hearings… and even more than some of them.

Quantico airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on ABC.