'Powerpuff Girls' Exclusive Preview: Nobody Calls Buttercup a Princess

Full House and Gilmore Girls aren’t the only girl-powered shows getting a revival in 2016. This spring, Cartoon Network is bringing back the pint-sized Powerpuff Girls for a new season of hard-hitting adventures. Yahoo TV has an exclusive clip from this long-awaited revival, which proves that even after a decade-long retirement, these colorful gals have lost none of their punch.

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In case you somehow missed this heroic trio the first time around, the Powerpuff Girls individually consists of Blossom (Amanda Leighton), Bubbles (Kristen Li), and Buttercup (Natalie Palamides). Accidentally gifted with superpowers by their creator, Professor Utonium, the big-eyed supergirls protect and serve their hometown of Townsville against such villains as Mojo Jojo and Sedusa. What distinguished the series was its rapid-fire pop culture gags and inventive animation style, which looks to have been faithfully preserved in the new series. Also returning is voiceover superstar, Tom Kenny, who once again lends his pipes to the role of Townsville’s mayor. If you’re as tired of princess-driven animated fare as Buttercup clearly is, here’s your Chemical X-enhanced antidote.

The Powerpuff Girls will premiere this spring on Cartoon Network.