The Ultimate Guide to NYC Restaurants and Bars in Aziz Ansari's 'Master of None'

Aziz Ansari’s Netflix comedy, Master of None, is all about relationships — his character Dev’s relationships with his parents, friends, girlfriend, dating partners, and co-workers. And it’s all about his relationship with New York City.

Ansari’s experiences as a NYC resident are reflected in every episode of Master of None. We see his favorite coffee shops, bars, and restaurants, and over the course of the first season, we get insight into Dev/Aziz as he hops around the city. Like, the guy loves a good Negroni. And eateries run by Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi.

Curious about where Dev is drinking his coffee or that place he takes his parents to for dinner? Here’s a master list of all the bars and restaurants seen in Master of None.


The Smile (Episode 1, “Plan B”)

Dev tells his friends about his night — hooking up with Rachel, but having to go to the drugstore to get Plan B when the condom breaks. Ansari is apparently a regular at this charming cafe, which serves delicious food (though Dev only has coffee). We are big fans of the egg sandwich for breakfast.

16 Handles (Episode 1, “Plan B”)

Dev takes his friend’s kids to this frozen yogurt chain’s Astoria location, where they shout out customers’ ethnicities. And though they have many interesting flavors, both children just want vanilla.

Parm (Episode 1, “Plan B”)

After the outing with the kids, Dev returns them to his friend’s house. Her husband got take-out from this Italian sandwich shop. Dev turns down the kids’ offering (peanut butter, lettuce, and ketchup), and rightfully so. You can’t say no to the meatball parm.

Think Coffee (Episode 2, “Parents”)


Dev has to do an audition over Skype, but his apartment’s Wi-Fi is terrible. So, he sets up at this Noho coffee shop, and proceeds to alienate the staff and other customers with his very loud acting.

Shun Lee Palace (Episode 2, “Parents”)


Dev and friend Brian take their parents out to dinner at this venerated, old-school New York institution. Dev’s dad (Ansari’s real-life father) wants the chicken and broccoli, while Brian’s dad tells the waiter to “bring the good dishes you only serve to Chinese people.” If you go there, you can’t go wrong with Peking duck.

Hotel Delmano (Episode 3, “Hot Ticket”)

Dev and his friends have drinks at this popular Williamsburg cocktail bar, and asks an attractive server to go to a secret Father John Misty show with him. We like the Ninety Nine Roses cocktail, with gin, pear, ginger, lemon, and rose water. Shaken not stirred.

Baby’s All Right (Episode 3, “Hot Ticket”)

Dev takes his date to a secret Father John Misty show at this Williamsburg club. Not only is it a terrific music venue, they serve pretty good food and drinks, too.

Alameda (Episode 3, “Hot Ticket”)

After his disastrous date at Baby’s All Right, Dev meets up with friend Denise for cocktails at this Greenpoint joint, which features a cool U-shaped bar. Do what Dev does — order a Negroni — but add a burger, too.

Achilles Heel (Episode 3, “Hot Ticket”)

Dev goes to the Father John Misty after-party, which he was invited to by Rachel (the Plan B girl from Episode 1). They end up dancing to the DJ.

Marlow & Sons (Episode 4, “Indians on TV” and Episode 5, “The Other Man”)

Dev first goes to this lovely Williamsburg cafe to have coffee with friend Ravi, then hits it up again later to eat with friends Denise and Brian. Everything is good here. Seriously, everything.

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Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream (Episode 5, “The Other Man”)

Dev runs into the husband of his paramour (Claire Danes) at this cute ice cream shop in the Lower East Side. He wants the King Kong Banana Split — which in real life is $20, no t$8 — but the husband orders the last one.

Dirty French (Episode 5, “The Other Man”)

Ansari must really love this restaurant, which is name-checked several times on the show. In this episode, he takes a date there, but soon realizes she’s only into dating for free meals. We’d never do that… then again, their chicken and crepes really are that good.

Mission Chinese (Episode 6, “Nashville”)

The quirky Chinese restaurant from Danny Bowien is the setting for an epic debate between Dev and friend Arnold about the movie 8 Mile and the song “Lose Yourself” by Eminem. Beware the Chonqing chicken wings — they are supremely spicy (and delicious).

Parlor Coffee at Persons of Interest (Episode 6, “Nashville”)

Dev and Rachel have coffee at this cozy little coffee space, which is located in the back of a Williamsburg barber shop, before their trip to Nashville.

Hometown Bar-B-Que (Episode 6, “Nashville”)

This Red Hook barbecue mecca stands in for Tickler’s in Nashville. Run, don’t walk to eat their brisket, pulled pork, spare ribs, sausage, and whatever special they have for the day. They don’t have the white sauce that Dev raves about, but they have other sauces that are to die for. GO NOW!

169 Bar (Episode 7, “Ladies and Gentlemen”)


This Lower East Side funky dive bar serves as an illustration for how differently men and women experience a night out. While Dev and his male friends drink in peace, his female co-star is hit upon repeatedly, then followed home.

The Commodore (Episode 7, “Ladies and Gentlemen”)

Dev and friends have lunch at this popular Williamsburg eatery. But it looks like they all got burgers, when they really should’ve ordered the excellent fried chicken.

Ace Bar (Episode 7, “Ladies and Gentlemen”)

Dev and his co-stars from the commercial shoot have drinks at this East Village dive bar, which features skee ball and pool tables. If you live in New York, you’ve probably been to a birthday party here.

Bamonte’s (Episode 8, “Old People”)

When Dev helps Rachel’s grandmother break out of her nursing home for the night, he takes her to this old-school, classic red-sauce Italian restaurant in Williamsburg.

Sunny’s (Episode 9, “Mornings”)

We love the fact that Dev and Rachel met at this awesome Red Hook bar, which we see in a flashback. Sunny’s has a great atmosphere, inexpensive drinks, and great music in the back room. Bluegrass lovers like us call this home.

Tacos Morelos (Episode 10, “Finale”)


After extensive research on the best tacos in New York, Dev and Arnold go to this Williamsburg food truck — only to find out they’re out of food. Morelos do have very good tacos, but are they the best? It’s a never-ending debate, and one we’re always happy to taste-test our way through.

El Rey Coffee Bar & Luncheonette (Episode 10, “Finale”)

Dev has coffee with his dad and talks about his relationship issues at this Lower East Side shop.

The Jane (Episode 10, “Finale”)


The after party of Dev’s movie premiere is held at the West Village hotel. The hotspot is a little “too cool for school” for us, but that’s just about right for the premiere (especially since Dev ends up getting cut from the film).

The 10-episode first season of Master of None is available for streaming on Netflix.