'Ice Age: Collision Course' Cast Answers Burning Questions From Kids

Ice Age: Collision Course comes to theaters on July 22. With its being the fourth installment of the hit animated movie franchise, questions are bound to come up about the characters and world they inhabit. Yahoo Movies got a bunch of burning questions from some cool kids to ask the cast, including Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Josh Peck, Max Greenfield, Wanda Sykes, and Queen Latifah!

Beaux asks: “Why does Scrat like acorns so much?”

John Leguizamo (Sid): “Because they are his favorite food. They’re really tasty, and he loves his food, and he wants to get his munchie on.”

Ray Romano (Manny): “I think the question to ask is not why he likes acorns so much, but why when he gets one does he slam it into the ground?”

Annelise asks: “Which one of the animals smells the worst?”

Ray Romano (Manny): “Well, traditionally, it’s the skunk … It’s got to be Sid. It’s got to be the sloth. Sid goes places he shouldn’t.”

Levi asks: “Is it hard to turn yourself into a cartoon?”

Ray Romano (Manny): “No.”

Max Greenfield (Roger): “For me, no. It’s hard for me to turn myself into a person.”

Lyla asks: “What’s Scrat like in real life?”

Josh Peck (Eddie): “Scrat in real life? Bit of a diva. Been in all the movies, feels like he owns them.”

Wanda Sykes (Granny): “He’s always distracted, how about that? He’s very distracted. He’s very distracted — can’t have a conversation with him.”

Lyla (a different Lyla!) asks: “Who’s your favorite Disney princess?”

Queen Latifah (Ellie): “Well, it’s going to be classic, but — Cinderella.”

Ray Romano (Manny): “Cinderella, yeah.”

Max Greenfield (Roger): “I’m going to go [with] Cinderella.”

Josh Peck (Eddie): “I don’t really have a favorite. Elsa.”

Aidan asks: “Why does Sid talk so funny?”

John Leguizamo (Sid): “I did research. I’m that kind of fact-checking guy, and I found out that sloths store food in their cheek pouches. So I walked around with a sandwich, and I was eating the sandwich, I was going ‘How am I going to come up with the voice for this character?’” [John’s voice transformed into Sid’s as he showed how a full mouth of food helped him find it!]

Bodhi asks: “Aren’t they cold?”

Josh Peck (Eddie): “I mean, they live in the ice age. That’s their norm.”

Max Greenfield (Roger): “Everybody’s freezing.”

John Leguizamo (Sid): “It’s the ice age. There’s ice everywhere. But we’ve got fur coats, though. So I’m feeling OK.”

Lucas asks: “Do you really think it’s a good idea for scientists to clone mammoths? Didn’t they ever see Jurassic Park?”

Max Greenfield (Roger): “This kid is too smart! You’re on the right track.

Josh Peck (Eddie): “I don’t even know what that means, but he’s got handsome eyebrows.”

Keane asks: “Are Crash and Eddie twins?”

Josh Peck (Eddie): “Keane, Crash and Eddie are twins. And the only difference is that they have different color eyes. Otherwise, identical.”

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