365 Days: This Day Trailer Reveals a Dramatic Love Triangle

You're going to want to watch this steamy preview in the privacy of your home.

Netflix released the trailer for the highly anticipated 365 Days sequel on April 7, revealing that Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) married her kidnapper Massimo (Michele Morrone) in a romantic ceremony. But it seems they are not riding off into the sunset as she had hoped.

In the preview, Laura learns more about Mossimo's family and meets a mysterious new man who works for her Mafioso husband. But Massimo's apparent refusal to open up to Laura has her running into the arms of this handsome hired hand, with Netflix's description teasing that he "enters Laura's life to win her heart and trust, at any cost."

When her marriage is put to the test, Laura asks the unnamed suitor to "take me away from here."

Of course, there are also plenty of steamy sex scenes sprinkled into the movie, which is scheduled to premiere on the streaming platform April 27.

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The first installment of the Polish film—which debuted in 2020—drew criticism for its plot, with critics saying it glorified abuse. (In the first movie, Laura is kidnapped by Sicilian Mafioso Don Massimo Torricelli and given a year to fall in love with him before he'll set her free.)

Among those who were not fans isthe singer Duffy. She called out Netflix for giving the movie a platform, writing in a scathing Instagram post, "This should not be anyone's idea of entertainment, nor should it be described as such, or be commercialized in this manner."

The artist was disturbed by viewers' response to the film. "It grieves me that Netflix provides a platform for such ‘cinema', that eroticizes kidnapping and distorts sexual violence and trafficking as a 'sexy' movie," she continued. "I just can't imagine how Netflix could overlook how careless, insensitive, and dangerous this is. It has even prompted some young women, recently, to jovially ask Michele Morrone, the lead actor in the film, to kidnap them."

365 DAYS: THIS DAY, Netflix

In a 2020 interview with E! News, conducted over email, Morrone defended the film from its detractors. "I think it's important to remember that this film is based on a work of fiction," he stated. "365 Days was a very successful book in Poland before it was made into a movie. When an audience watches a film, I think they know what they see on screen is not always real, but my job as an actor is to make it feel real, to make you connect to Massimo even though he is a mob boss."

He continued, "I trust the audience to know that this movie is a fantasy. Sometimes we watch movies and we cheer for the 'bad guy,' but we still know he's a bad guy who is doing bad things, and, of course, this behavior is completely unacceptable in real life."

365 Days: This Day premieres April 27 on Netflix.

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