35 Bizarre Movie Sequels You Never Knew Existed

·Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment

When the DVD market exploded in the mid-2000s, so did the "direct-to-DVD movie sequel," a weird phenomenon that brought in below-the-radar follow-ups to prominent movies like American Psycho, Mean Girls, Road House, The Sandlot and Carlito's Way. It was an easy way for movie studios’ home distribution arms to turn a quick profit: cast unknown actors, package it as a DVD sequel (or prequel) with a name brand that will catch the eye of Blockbusters browsers, and watch the money roll in.

With the day of the DVD mostly gone, the direct-to-DVD quickie sequel seemed headed the way of the video store. But a recent crop of announcements suggest they're back in the era of Netflix and VOD. August will see the release of Jarhead 2: Field of Fire, a Jake Gyllenhaal-less sequel to the 2005 Gulf War drama; also currently in the works is Jingle All the Way 2 starring Larry the Cable Guy in the Schwarzenegger role (Larry is a repeat offender, having starred previously in Tooth Fairy 2).

Here then are the 35 strangest sequels we've seen spit out on DVD and Blu-ray (and occasionally as TV movies) since the turn of the century: