The 35 Best Games Like ‘Candy Crush’

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Candy Crush first took the world by storm in the mid-2010s, when mobile games on Android and iOS were all the hype. To this day, it lives on as a game that people of all ages play, where that’s when you’re bored at home or on your commute. Candy Crush is part of the match-three puzzle game genre, where you need to match three of the same object in order to get them to disappear off-screen. It helped popularise that style of game and in turn, spawned a hell of a lot of remakes. Those are a lot of what makes up this list of the best games like Candy Crush, but also, there are a few different fun games in there that might just scratch the same itch without falling into the exact same genre.

Games Like 'Candy Crush'

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